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A Practice of the Light (by A. K. Heller)

In his book the Magic of Silence, Dr. Arnold Krumm Heller (also known as master Huiracocha) has written about an interesting practice, which he called “the Practice of Light”. It is a type of practice that invokes and maintains the presence of light through continuous visualization and conscious intention. I decided to share it here with hope that it might be useful to some people. What this practice essentially does is that it stimulates to activity the higher parts of ourselves (depending
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The Psychological Condition of Mythomania in Spirituality

Mythomania in spirituality is one of the psychological obstacles that can emerge in people who are interested in spirituality, and even more so in those who become more dedicated. Its roots are in the ego states of pride and vanity, and is one of the psychological traps that a person interested in spirituality could face, others being things such as fanaticism, dogmatic thinking, and adopting a group mentality. According to dictionary, mythomania is “an excessive or abnormal propensity
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Do Not Allow Thieves and Wild Beasts to Enter and Dwell in Your House

In the universal language of symbols, house is a common representation of your body, or rather the interior of the body, your inner temple. This temple does not only refer to the biological interior of the body, but more to the non-physical parts of it, such as the consciousness, the five psychological centers (intellectual, emotional, sexual, motor and instinctual), the higher bodies (such as astral and mental), as well as other counterparts that some people may have more and others less,
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The Spiritual Work Takes Us Back to Simplicity and Inner Beauty

It is often said that simplicity is a virtue. It is one of the virtues of consciousness that shines through and becomes part of our life, as we eliminate the psychological defects that are the cause for complexities and problems. When we remove those things from our mind and heart, we inevitably become simpler. The type of simplicity that I am referring to here is not the one of those who live an average and simple lives, because these people, although to the outward world they seem
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