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Activating the Solar Plexus Chakra with Sun Rays and Mantra U

In the book The Three Mountains, Samael Aun Weor narrated an interesting practice that he did in his early days of spiritual learning, when he was in a Rosicrucian school. In the book, he said the following: “Following the instructions of the professor, I used to sit every day, preferably at dawn, on a comfortable armchair with my face towards the east. I imagined then in an extraordinary manner a gigantic golden cross, with the King Star as its basic center, which cast divine rays from
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A Practice of the Light (by Arnold Krumm Heller)

In his book the Magic of Silence, Dr. Arnold Krumm Heller (also known as master Huiracocha) has written about an interesting practice, which he called “the Practice of Light”. It is a type of practice that invokes and maintains the presence of light through continuous visualization and conscious intention. I decided to share it here with hope that it might be useful to some people. What this practice essentially does is that it stimulates to activity the higher parts of ourselves (depending
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