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Activating the Solar Plexus Chakra with Sun Rays and Mantra U

In the book The Three Mountains, Samael Aun Weor narrated an interesting practice that he did in his early days of spiritual learning, when he was in a Rosicrucian school. In the book, he said the following:

“Following the instructions of the professor, I used to sit every day, preferably at dawn, on a comfortable armchair with my face towards the east. I imagined then in an extraordinary manner a gigantic golden cross, with the King Star as its basic center, which cast divine rays from the east of the world that penetrated into my solar plexus after travelling the infinite space. I loved to combine this exercise with the mantric intonation of the vowel U, prolonging the sound as it should be done: uuuuuuuuuu.”

In that same chapter where he talked about his work with the mantras that he learned in the above-mentioned school, he also said this:

“I used to inhale with supreme ardor the Christic Prana, the vital breath of the mountains, and then exhaled slowly, making the corresponding vowel resonate.
“For the sake of clarity, I shall indicate that each vowel was preceded by an inhalation, and that it resonated only at the exhalation. It is obvious that I inhaled by the nostrils and exhaled by the mouth.”

I have found this practice with the solar rays and mantra U to be very beneficial, especially when doing it outdoors facing the sun. If facing the sun, I would sit down and do it for around 30 minutes, but even 10 minutes of this practice can bring a noticeable change. Samael recommends it to be done preferably at dawn, but it can be done at other times of the day too, such as later in the morning or in the afternoon, as the rays of the sun that we draw in the solar plexus chakra are always potent, minus in the evening when the overall atmosphere has a different quality.

Standing or sitting down facing the sun, one closes their eyes, relaxes the body of tension, and silences the mind. We can then focus on the spiritual aspect of the sun, and visualize two rays of golden and blue color, radiating from the center of the sun and into the solar plexus chakra. Simultaneously, one can vocalize the mantra U (pronounced as in the word “pull”). By so doing the solar plexus chakra is put into heightened or optimal activity and as the result one feels recharged with the spiritual energy of the sun, as the solar plexus chakra nourish other chakras with its solar rays. This nourishing with the solar energy also takes place on the physical level of the body.

This is a practice that can be done to boost our spiritual and physical energy levels so that there is additional force that helps us to be in the state of self-remembrance throughout the day. It is one of the many practices where we harness and use the force of Nature to our advantage for the inner work. An added value to this practice is that active solar plexus chakra may give us access to the psychic faculty of telepathy, which is said to be the non-physical sense connected to this chakra.

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