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Deep States of Relaxation: Their Spiritual and Physical Benefits

On the path of self-discovery, many people take up meditative mystical practices in order to reach deeper information about reality of themselves and the Universe, so to discover things that go beyond what their physical senses can perceive. Often time such practices involve relaxing the physical body so that there is no tension, and therefore no distraction. In this process of learning a new practice, many do not go deep enough into that stage of relaxation, and they miss out on enormous benefits that such practice can give them.

In my own spiritual process, I consider myself fortunate to have been surrounded by influences that prompted me to delve more deeply into the practice of relaxation. This was a preparatory stage for astral projection – the practice I had a lot of interest in for a long time, and so I took the road of giving more emphasis on tackling this stage well. It was then when I discovered the tremendous benefits of it.

Many people when practicing a mystical practice that involve first relaxing their physical body, they relax in a very superficial way, only focusing on surface tensions, spending just 5 to 10 min max on this step.  This, however, is not enough to enter more deeply into relaxation.

When we start relaxing in a proper way, our brain waves reach the Alpha waves, or the Alpha state of relaxation, which has the frequency range of 8 Hz to 12 Hz. The more deeply we relax, the more we slow down the frequency of the brain waves, until reaching the frequency range of 4 Hz to 8 Hz. These are known as “Theta waves”, or the Theta stage of relaxation. It is in this stage that we receive the most benefits for our physical body, and its emotional, mental and spiritual components. Beyond this point are the Delta waves (from 0 Hz to 4 Hz), which are normally associated with deep sleep.

When I began to enter into deep stages of relaxation, one of the first things I have noticed was a surge of energy going through various channels of my body. I have noticed that this surge is unblocking energy points in my body, and is making my chakras becoming much more active.

This continuous surge of energy was soon to be accompanied with a very pleasant sensation throughout my body. It was a spiritual type of sensation that brought upon the sense of happiness and peace. I felt also that the unblocking of energy, purification of my bodily channels and the activation of the chakras have significantly affected my etheric body and aura. In short, after this type of deep relaxation I would feel recharged, rejuvenated and refreshed in a way that was very noticeable.

By continuing practicing this deep form of relaxation, I was able to enter this state almost every time when I would make a serious effort, and a wonderful thing is that after some time of dedicated practice I was able to enter it very quickly after laying down on bed. This is because my body got accustomed to it and started responding to it much faster.

Practicing deep relaxation

There are many different techniques for deepening the state of relaxation. You commence by laying down on your back, being in a comfortable position on bed or reclining armchair.

There are four different techniques for relaxation that I have found to work very well:

1. Deep breathing. Inhale deeply through the nose and at the same time imagine that the air you breath is a light that has special purifying qualities. When exhaling (through the nose) see how all the tensions are leaving your body. This is an introductory exercise.

2. Imagine or visualize that many small playful gnomes are exiting from your body. By so doing for some time you will see that tensions may disappear and you are becoming more relaxed.

3. Imagine that your body is melting. Go over your entire body from toe to head and see all parts of your body melting. This can deepen relaxation even more.

4. Feel yourself falling (in the same position in which you are laying on your back) into a dark hole that has no end. This is one of the strongest relaxation exercises that is bound to bring you to at least the alpha state of relaxation, if not theta.

These are the four exercises that I like. If you find that some of these is not suitable for you, choose the exercise that you like. If you happen to like all of them, you can even try combining all of them during one session. Pay attention to how you feel and take note if some adjustments have to be made.

After a while of practicing deep relaxation, you will notice that you need less and less time to enter such states, and you will eventually reach the point where you will lay down, briefly go through your body (mentally relaxing it), and in some minutes you will already reach those deep states.

As mentioned before, learning how to relax the body has a lot of benefits for our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well being. We also carry these results into our daily life, decreasing the amount of tensions that we have, and thus saving up a lot more energy.

HDP, February 2020.

Author: Dario

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