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Achievable Goals and Experiences in Out of Body State (Part II)

In the first part of this article, I talked about some goals and activities when outside the physical body, in the astral plane. In this part, I will mention some other possibilities that can be achieved when out of the body. Here are some more reachable goals:

Looking into who you are (Akashic records, meeting past lives etc.)

This involves finding out one’s own esoteric history (levels of spiritual achievements on this planet and/or others), going through past lives in general or specific past lives if you want to know about something specific. For example, you could ask to be shown past lives that are the highlights of your spiritual evolution; lives in which you made the most progress. These type of things could be shown to you through what is known as the Akashic records, or through a screen (which too can be pulled from the same records). If you find yourself in a place reliving a scene after you have asked that question, it’s possible you are experiencing those records of the past. Interestingly, it may also be possible to meet our past lives and converse with them.

Time travel, visiting certain events from our history and root races

The astral plane is beyond time, because the way that time unfolds there is not linear. It could be or appear as linear too, but not as a rule of nature as it appears to be here. In the astral plane, we can travel in time and visit different events of our history, seeing for ourselves what really happened to civilizations and root races that appeared and disappeared from the face of our planet. In the astral plane it is possible to find out how life and death unfolded for root races of our planet such as the Protoplasmic race, Hypoborean, Lemurian, Atlantean, and also the sub-races such Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and for any other culture or civilization that we want to learn more about.

Visit someone that you know

An interesting experiment could be to visit someone that you know. This could be tricky due to ending up in various levels of the astral plane, and though they may appear similar to this physical reality, they could contain a completely different cities and structure to them. Nonetheless, you could try flying over to your friend’s house, who is aware of your astral interests and is fine with being visited as part of such an experiment. If you manage to get to that person and see what they were doing, ask them the next day if they were doing what you saw them doing, to verify if it was actually them who you saw, or another version of them (or perhaps your own subconscious projection).

Asking to be taken to a temple

There are many temples in the astral plane, in various regions and levels. Among others, there are temples of wisdom, Temple of Transparent Walls, temples of healing, water temples, sand temples, Gnostic temples, Zodiacal temple, Temple of Divine Law etc. To be admitted inside them, one needs to at least carry out a serious inner work, though some also have stricter entrance requirements. You can ask to be taken to a temple you feel drawn to, such as a temple of learning, and see what comes out of that experience. Visiting sacred temples of the astral plane can be a marvelous experience. For example, it may be interesting to visit a Gnostic temple on Friday at dawn, when a special ceremony takes place in which higher beings gather together to help humanity. To get to a temple, it’s best to ask to be taken there.

Visiting other planets, suns, constellations…

Visiting other worlds and civilizations on them can be a remarkable experience; it is a long-lasting inspiration. As the laws acting upon a spirit in the astral plane are fewer than here, it makes it possible to travel through space when in the astral body. The easiest way to arrive to your desired location in space would be to ask your Being or your spirit guide to take you where you wish to go, however if that won’t work, you can fly outside the Earth’s atmosphere and focus on a star, feeling yourself approaching it. This would take you to that random solar system, which could be good as a kind of space travel experiment. For arriving to a specific destination in space, such as distant solar systems or constellations, or perhaps some planets of our solar system, you can use a visualization or some other portal-type methods. Don’t be surprised if you encounter an obstacle on your astral journey through space – this could mean you have not yet reached a spiritual level necessary to visit that planet, sun, or constellation.

Using and creating portals to travel from one location to another

In a higher dimension, we can see that time and space are not so linear and fixed as we perceive them in this three-dimensional world. The bending of space has already been mentioned in quantum physics, but in the astral plane we can directly perceive this by means of portals that we can encounter on our astral journeys. These portals do not have to be a gate-like portals like in fantasy or sci-fi movies, but can be ordinary objects too. For example, a regular object in our room can become a portal in which we see and can access a distant location. I remember once seeing a remote control in the astral plane, which only had a shape of a remote control, but in its entirety it was a location in space. It was filled with stars, as if the entire remote control was a piece of space in my room.

We can also create portals ourselves with the third eye. In this case, all that is needed is to visualize a place we want to go to, and then feeling and seeing ourselves there. In this case the third eye serves as a portal. We can also go through a wall, with intention to end up in our desired location once we pass onto the other side of it. We could also ask our helpers to connect the two locations, so that when we open the door of the place in which we already are, our desired location will be on the other side.

Using out-of-body experience to go from one dimension to another

When we find ourselves consciously outside our body, we are generally in the astral body, and thus in the astral plane. However, we are not limited to that dimensional plane. As beside the astral body we also have the mental body, we can explore the mental plane of the fifth dimension. One of the easiest ways to arrive there is by commanding your astral body: “Astral body, get out of me!”. If your astral body will listen to your command, and it generally should do that, you will be in the mental body, and by the virtue of being in the mental body you are automatically in the mental plane. This means that you are now in the higher part of the 5th dimension, where new options open up to you for your exploration and work.

If you wish, you could also try to reach the causal plane of the 6th dimension by ordering your mental body to get out of you. This would mean that you would find yourself in the causal body if you have it, or experiencing the causal plane as the essence (as a point in space) if you don’t have that body. In both cases, it could be possible for you to reach that dimension as well, and in case you have your higher bodies such as Buddhic and Atmic, you could reach even higher up by using the same method. Though today only a small number of people have those bodies (majority only has lunar astral and lunar mental bodies), it is worthwhile trying this out.

Using astral plane for spiritual awakening

For someone who wishes to awaken spiritually, the astral plane becomes an incredible resource that can aid their progress. The astral plane is a place in which we can talk to our Being (higher self) face to face, where we can talk to great spiritual masters and beings of light of all kind, all of whom can direct us in our own personal journey. They all have that ability because of their highly developed senses of intuition and higher knowing, however it is the Being (and perhaps a few other masters, depending where we are on the path) that guides us most closely. We can receive such guidance in dreams as well, but when we are conscious in the astral plane the learning is increased; because we are conscious there, we can receive more and remember more. There are many, many ways that we can be guided in the astral plane for the purpose of our spiritual awakening. As the work on the elimination of the egos  and increasing of consciousness plays such a big role on the Path to awakening, obviously a lot of the guidance would be regarding this, but there are many other things we could be told and helped with, as spiritual development encompass a lot of things.

Asking the Being to take control of your astral journeys

In his book Far Journeys, an out-of-body explorer Robert Monroe decided, after a decade of out-of-body explorations based on his own goals and interest, to put his higher self in charge. He says how he has been aware of a higher presence in his journeys that was overseeing him. He perceived it as something beyond his understanding, and so one day he decided to ask it to take him wherever it wished to take him, and to show him whatever it wished to show him. Monroe has said that since he began doing this, his out-of-body journeys took on a whole new level; he was taken to energy systems and experiences he would never have arrived to on his own accord.

When we allow our Being to take us where it wishes, we can be certain that it will be for our own best interest. This also indicates that we have developed trust in the Being, and are open to or aware of the possibility that the Being will do for us what is the best for us. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t explore things that we ourselves want to explore. On the contrary, as our deep yearnings could come from our Being anyway. It is just that it could be good to experiment with both ways.


The purpose of this two part article is to give you an idea regarding what could be done during your out of body or lucid dream experiences. Potentials are truly endless if we take up that activity seriously and not just seeing it as an occasional fun thing to do. It’s literally another dimension of life that becomes accessible for us to explore, and we can take it even further if we are doing the inner work in daily life. In that case, we start experiencing things in the astral plane that by far exceed our imagination; we become more and more knowledgeable about the topic of life, death, spirit worlds, higher realities and activities in them. Our thought is not only limited to the life of this dimension, but we see and understand how other dimensions influence us and how there is a deep connection between them all. In short, astral explorations opens up a life that is very much in tune with the process of our spiritual awakening.

HDP, November 2021.

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