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A Dilemma of the Mystical Death: Meditation on an Ego vs. Death in Motion

The teachings that Samael Aun Weor has left us are priceless and extraordinary; one of the reasons for this is the technique for the dissolution of the ego that he elaborated upon extensively in many of his books and public talks. One of his greatest legacy is this length to which he went in order to help people understand what the ego is, what are its intricacies, and how to liberate the trapped essence by eliminating the ego that is conditioning it.

In the Gnostic teachings, it is explained that the technique of the dissolution of the ego (the Mystical death) is the 1st key to awakening (the 2nd key is the sexual alchemy and the 3rd key is the sacrifice for humanity), and as such it is of immense value.

It is well known by everyone who took up this Gnostic work seriously that without the Mystical death there can be no inner work taking place, regardless if someone does the other two keys or not. The Mystical death is such an important key that it is the ingredient of essential value by which we move along the path and that helps us overcome many different obstacles. The sexual alchemy and the sacrifice for humanity are also very important, but often time their importance is put on a higher level than that of the Mystical death, which can sadly end up with devastating results for many aspirants of the path. The reason for this is because without the Mystical death, there is no foundation of the inner work taking place, there is no proper channelling of one’s own inner energies to their respective places. That is why Samael emphasised the importance of this key for awakening, however he didn’t publicly elaborate one other important aspect of it.

In many of his books and talks, Samael mentioned many times about the need to understand a defect/an ego (such as anger, greed, lust, pride etc.)  thoroughly in meditation before proceeding to its elimination. He spoke about the need to understand the defect that we are investigating in our meditation in all the 49 levels of the mind, and that only by understanding the defect in all of those levels will it be truly and totally eliminated. The meditation on an ego technique is described in one of his talks (that now forms part of the book called the Revolution of the Dialectic). In itself this is a wonderful technique to work upon an ego that we observed during the day and in retrospective exercise during the course of our life. With this type of meditation, it is possible to work in deeper and deeper levels of the subconscious mind, gradually eliminating the defect that we are working upon in all of those levels. With a proper preparation, this technique can indeed yield great results, but it is not the only type of  elimination of the ego technique.

One of the Samael’s closest disciple was a student called Joaquin, who was later known by his spiritual name – Rabolu. After Samael’s death, Rabolu founded a new organization that was focusing on continuing the work of master Samael, through teaching Gnosis. Rabolu came with a new technique for elimination of egos, and he called it the “death in motion”, (also known as the “death from moment to moment”).

The difference between this technique and the meditation on an ego is in the way that it is applied; as the name suggest it is applied from moment to moment. The way that Rabolu explained it is that because the ego is too big and too strong, it is not sufficient to be worked upon only in meditation, but that it should primarily be worked upon from moment to moment. He gave an analogy of a trunk of a tree and its roots, and explained that in the same way as the root has many tiny parts that give nourishment to the tree, so too the ego is fed in daily life through its small manifestations that occur from moment to moment.

Rabolu has said that with the meditation on an ego technique people were not dying to themselves enough, so he came about with this “new” technique. It wasn’t really new, because Samael has written in many places how we have to die from moment to moment, however he didn’t explain anything more than that. It is probable that he did explain it to people that were close to him, including master Rabolu.

Unfortunately, the death in motion technique was a cause for many Gnostic organizations to attack Rabolu, accusing him that he is changing Samael’s teachings, without them looking into the technique itself and seeing whether there is something to it or not, and also ignoring the indication of Samael that one indeed needs to die from moment to moment.

However, neither one technique nor the other will have much effect unless we truly want to die to ourselves, to eliminate our defects and to liberate our consciousness; to prepare ourselves as much as possible by truly understanding what the consciousness is, and what the ego is. It is this that will lead us to success with both the meditation on an ego and the death in motion techniques.

When we have a proper foundation, then the death in motion technique can take us far, and the meditation on an ego can serve well to sharpen our tools of self-observation and self-remembrance, and to gradually gain more and more understanding about the ego itself. Therefore, these two techniques complement each other very well; we may start with just one, but after a while we might feel a need to bring in the other one to our inner work. The two together are the key to success with the Mystical death – to die from moment to moment, to all of the small manifestations of the egos, and to dedicate a certain time for a meditation on an ego, to go deeper into its study, whenever we feel that the right moment for that has come.

HDP, June 2020.

Author: Dario


  1. This is indeed so insightful Brother..
    Master Robulo was misunderstood I believe, and many failed to see from his view point.

    I always thought so. Many other students of Master Samael didn’t have a very good opinion about him for one resins or the other.
    It was just until last year that I heard one of Master Samael’s Student who I understand has finiahed the 3 mountains, do a sort of rectification of his former opinion about him, by narrating an important astral experience he had with Rabolu and Master Samael. As he said- He was rightly indicated was he truly is.

    Anyways, I would like more practical experience of how to practice the death in motion.

    • Thanks for sharing that story, Karl. It’s good that people are starting to rectify their opinion about Rabolu, better ever than never 🙂

      The experience of the death in motion technique can be gained by practicing it continuosly over a period of time. In that way you would see concrete results. Rabolu taught how to do it, but there is some preparation that needs to be done before it. SInce you studied the teachings of Samael, you know already about the preparations. We will also talk more about them in the Spiritual Ascension course.

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