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A Visualization Practice to Perceive what is Beyond our Universe

A number of years ago, on a retreat in Europe, we did an interesting practice of visualization. There are many exercises of visualization, which are often used to perceive clairvoyantly, for communication purposes, or simply to improve one’s ability to concentrate. The one we did on that retreat was to perceive what is out there beyond our Universe. While this practice can be done in any quiet environment, doing it in nature would be particularly suited, and the retreat leader even mentioned how it can be very pleasant to do this practice in the shade of a countryside tree.

The practice consists in visualizing oneself flying through the Universe, towards the end of it. After bringing the body and the mind in a suitable state, we start the visualization by seeing ourselves in the room in which we are (first-person perspective). We go out from our flat or house and begin flying upwards, towards the sky. In our conscious imagination, we pass the sky and fly out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Every now and then, if we want, we can stand still and observe what we see around us, and then continue flying, to center ourselves and deepen the visualization.

And thus we fly through our solar system, seeing other planets and the sun, to eventually leave our solar system completely and fly in the space of our Milky Way galaxy. We observe other stars passing by us as we are flying towards the end of our galaxy and into the intergalactic space. Once there, it could be inspiring to stop again and to observe the vista from that point of view, seeing the infinite number of galaxies all around us, each of them hosting tremendously rich evolutions of life. We continue flying in one direction through the intergalactic space, with the intention to see what else is out there, to see how far our Universe stretches, and what comes after the intergalactic space. If our intention to achieve that is not strong enough, we can strengthen it by mentally repeating the question a few times: “What else is out there?”

This practice uses the tools of visualization and intention for us to arrive to higher knowledge, to perceive clairvoyantly what is beyond the known Universe. Our faculty of clairvoyance, which is the ability of the third eye chakra, enables us to perceive things beyond the material world, into the Etheric, Astral and Mental worlds and, depending on the spiritual development of the person, even beyond that, into the Causal, Buddhic, and Atmic worlds. However, we also have latent potentials to perceive beyond all dimensions, into the Absolute, but that would depend if we have the Being within or on our ability to connect to our Being, because it is through him that such high perceptions may come to us.

The ability of clairvoyance allows us to see remotely, beyond the limits of time, space and dimension. The visualization practice can stimulate the third eye chakra and temporarily activate clairvoyance, through which we can then perceive what is beyond our Universe. As always when doing practices like these, at the point of receiving information there should be no expectations nor imaginings, but allowing for the information to unfold in our visualization on its own. It may or may not unfold as an image; it may, for example, unfold as a particular type of feeling. The latter scenario might be more likely if they want to show us something that our mind cannot comprehend. It is often the case that through higher feelings, we unconsciously create the appropriate environment for the understanding to be worked out on an intellectual level. With practice, we begin to discern between imagination and reality. Conscious imagination can stimulate higher perceptions.

It can indeed be wonderful to do this practice somewhere in nature, in the shade of a tree, or on a quiet beach, or on a mountain etc. These type of practices can act remarkably on our spiritual vehicles and bring about inspiration, reminding us that there is a higher side to life, the side that we nurture with our spiritual work, on the journey to higher knowledge.

HDP, July 2021.

Author: Dario

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