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Max Heindel’s Science of Nutrition and Diet Plan

In his book The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, Max Heindel wrote a chapter about the science of nutrition, explaining in depth the correlation between good nutrition and ability to progress spirituality, as well as which food benefits spiritual development, and which type of food should be avoided to prevent fast decay of the body. The way he explained the science of nutrition in the context of spirituality is very rounded and profound, which is why I decided to summarize that part of the
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A Visualization Practice to Perceive what is Beyond our Universe

A number of years ago, on a retreat in Europe, we did an interesting practice of visualization. There are many exercises of visualization, which are often used to perceive clairvoyantly, for communication purposes, or simply to improve one’s ability to concentrate. The one we did on that retreat was to perceive what is out there beyond our Universe. While this practice can be done in any quiet environment, doing it in nature would be particularly suited, and the retreat leader even
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The Inner Work Includes Working on Good Egos too, not just on Bad Ones

When we do a deep form of the inner work, with a goal to reach a complete dissolution of the ego, we find ourselves involved in a continuous self-observation, observing the five psychological centers from moment to moment. By so doing, we discover that our psychological world comprises many things; we see the subtlety of thoughts, emotions and sensations. We also see the structure material of our mind, different energies that fuel the physical and non-physical bodies, and the jewel of
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Communication with Spirit Guides

Being able to communicate with one’s own spirit guides can be very useful, particularly when we are aspiring to or are on the Path to awakening. It is explained that every person has their own spirit guide, and sometimes more than one. They may or may not be the same ones for the duration of one’s lifetime; it is apparently not uncommon that they would change at certain stages of life, possibly depending on life’s lessons that the person is going through.
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Reflection on the Super-Efforts in the Spiritual Work

For the spiritual work to succeed, appropriate steps need to be taken. We all start from wherever we stand, and move from there towards complete inner purification and transformation. The more we progress on the Path, the more it is expected of us. In other words, we may start the spiritual work slowly, gradually feeling out the new spiritual environment in which we are immersing ourselves, but with every stage we reach we will need to increase our efforts if we are to reach a higher stage.
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