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Creating a Sacred Space as a Help for Your Inner Work

It can be very helpful for the inner work to have a special space dedicated for contemplation, prayer, spiritual practice, and in general for making connection with divinity within and without. You could create such a sacred space inside your home, or in your garden, or somewhere in nature – wherever it may be, it can help with boosting your spiritual life, because it would be a place charged with high energy that would as a result increase the vibration of that particular place, and it would also serve as a reminder to do the inner work.

Sacred spaces were part of many spiritual traditions and cultures, because they have seen how clearly such spaces can affect them spirituality, making them let go of daily worries and ambitions, enabling them to focus more on the spiritual, or providing them with a higher clarity for prayer and contemplation. If we look at the time of antiquity, it was common to build temples across cities, the most sacred of which was often on a higher ground (such as on a hill). There is something very special when entering a meditation temple that is on the top of a mountain or a hill. Such tradition of creating holy sites on a higher ground was continued during the medieval times, but not always for spiritual purposes.

If creating a sacred space inside one’s own home, there are some things to keep in mind. It would be ideal if there is a spare room that can be used only for spiritual purposes. If that is an option, then the entire room can be charged with an energy that is useful for meditation and connecting with divinity. Such a room can be decorated in a spiritual way, having items in it that evoke your high ideals. For example, you can place inside it a small table that could serve as an altar, placing on it some esoteric symbols and/or some representations of the four elements of nature and/or images of divinity, etc. It can be an elaborated altar, or a very simple one with just a few objects on it. The important thing is that it contains spiritually uplifting items. Beside an altar, there could also be things such as paintings, plants, meditation cushions (or chairs), or anything else that you think would inspire you spiritually. The idea is that the whole space is dedicated only for spiritual purposes.

Once the room is set up, you could bless it with certain prayers to increase the vibration in it. The usage of special incenses and sounds can further heighten the energy and the vibration of the room, but most importantly it is your spiritual activities that would have a strong impact on that space, making it more and more sacred. And if you do your inner work properly and are increasing your vibrational frequency, then the space would be purified simply by your presence in it. In that way, your sacred space would help you, and you would “help” your sacred space. Eventually, as your sacred space becomes more and more light and high in frequency, it may attract non-physical beings of a high order. You can also, if you want, invite them to come at any time, but they become naturally more interested in us when we start turning towards the light and walking towards it.

That room, the sacred space in your home, would have to be treated well if you wish to maintain the beneficial energy that would be accumulated there. Ideally you don’t want to use it for anything else except for your spiritual practices and prayers, especially it shouldn’t be used for mundane things, that is, if you want to preserve its sacredness. If you treat your sacred space in this way, then each time you enter it you will notice a change, you will notice that you are entering a truly sacred ground, and this can be of great help for the spiritual work. It can help us to go deeper in meditation, to get an insight about an ego that we are studying, to connect more with our Being, and much more.

If there is no option to have a spare room in your home dedicated only to spiritual purposes, then the second best thing is to have a sacred “corner” with an altar. This can be in any room that you find suitable, perhaps in a living room on a shelf, or in your bedroom, or wherever you feel is suitable. Even though it’s not a spare room, having a spiritual corner can also bring some real results, because that spot would still be charged with spiritual energy that can be of help to remember the inner work and could also give additional boost for the work on the ego.

Another very beneficial thing would be to have a dedicated place in nature for doing spiritual practices, contemplations and reflections. Ideally, this place is secluded so that you don’t hear any sound of civilization, or at least somewhere off the trail where you are not disturbed by people passing by you, as long as it is safe to be there. In that place in nature you can also put some spiritual items that can raise the energy of it and attract spiritual forces. I noticed that if a place is secluded enough, there is nothing else needed because nature has a special purity to it which in itself is divine. You can, however, lit an incense while there. Such a place will also collect a spiritual energy that is generated by your activity and the spiritual forces that would gather there, becoming a kind of special sanctuary where it is possible to receive profound insights about oneself, life, and divinity. If you decide to bring some items there, they could be installed on a tree in the form of an altar, or just something that you would place in a particular way.

If you are inspired by nature, if through your inner work you feel more and more connection with divinity and with your Divine Mother, and thus with her aspect as Mother Nature, I would strongly recommend having such a spot (if it is safe), even if you already have a sacred space in your house or garden, because it can be very helpful.

This type of sacred spaces can be very beneficial for our inner work, particularly if we maintain them by visiting them frequently, or as much as we can. The work can of course be done without them too, but we might feel from time to time that we need something extra to lift us up from entropy, or to lift our work to a higher level. We may find that sometimes having such a sacred space could be the solution for a much-needed breakthrough, or an insight that we seek, or for getting that important strength and connection with divinity.

HDP, December 2020.

Author: Dario

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