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Why Dark Spirits Act from the Mental Plane (and How to Protect Oneself)

In his teachings, Samael Aun Weor has repeated many times that the most dangerous black magicians are in the mental plane. He was telling us that so to warn us of how harmful can be the attacks or influences from the mental plane for anyone doing the inner work, because anyone that is on the path will inevitably face opposition from the forces of darkness. Many people who start looking into spirituality have an idea that the spiritual path is like a refuge from a harsh reality of the
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Being In Society but Not of It

One of the very important element of the esoteric wisdom pertaining to spiritual development is to learn to live in society, while at the same time being "detached" from it. At first sight this can be hard to grasp, though crucial to understand and apply this principle in our lives if we want to achieve spiritual mastery and the final liberation. For many people interested in spirituality, the concept of living in society and wanting to reach spiritual awakening does not go together, and
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A Meditation Approach for Conversing With Your Atman

In his book “The Introduction to Gnosis”, Samael Aun Weor has written about an interesting meditation approach for conversing or strengthening connection with your Atman (Divine Spirit). It consists of relaxation, mental relaxation, and concentration. This approach combines an aspect of meditation on an ego practice which he taught as one of the main means to dissolve the egos, however in this practice here he uses this aspect to silence the mind. Here is what he has written:
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Attainment of Siddhis (Spiritual Powers) is Not Priority of the Inner Work

A lot has been written about the attainment of spiritual powers (known as Siddhis in Sanskrit language); there are hundreds of books that deal with this matter, and it seems that this is one of the main reasons why so many people become interested in spirituality, especially in this modern superhero era in which we live. Powers are what many people dream about; powers to control, to show off, to do better in life, to have more things, to be able to impress others, to make those close to us
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Creating a Sacred Space as a Help for Your Inner Work

It can be very helpful for the inner work to have a special space dedicated for contemplation, prayer, spiritual practice, and in general for making connection with divinity within and without. You could create such a sacred space inside your home, or in your garden, or somewhere in nature – wherever it may be, it can help with boosting your spiritual life, because it would be a place charged with high energy that would as a result increase the vibration of that particular place, and it
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