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The Force of Entropy (and how to Overcome it)

The force of entropy, or the law of entropy, is a universal law that is related to the dissipation of energy. In science, this is known as the second law of thermodynamics. Unlike the first law of thermodynamics that states how the Universe contains and preserves its force, the second law of thermodynamics says how that force is gradually lost. This law of entropy affects everything, all aspects of existence. Every building up of force will eventually result in its dissipation, unless another type of force is applied with which the original force is maintained. In that latter case, the original force is not only maintained, but also increased on a higher octave. The same principle applies to the inner work.

The law of entropy has been compared with the law of balance, which is the law that brings everything down to its original state, in order to prevent massive contrasts from developing indefinitely. This makes this force of entropy working in line with the law of devolution, which is a universal law that works in pair with the law of evolution (not to be confused with the evolution of the soul) in order to create and destroy, create anew etc. everything that exists in the material Universe. As we are bound to the Wheel of Life, we are affected by the 48 laws that govern this three-dimensional Universe, and this includes the law of entropy as well.

In practical life, we can see this second law of thermodynamics in everything around us. For example, a new student who is motivated to reach PhD will be able to maintain this interest to study up until certain point, but when this initial force is dissipated, he will lose their interest and begin to slack. Likewise, someone starting out a business may be very motivated for it in the beginning and up until a certain point; then comes the force of entropy that will pull them down. It is only by apply the additional force that they will be able to muster a new strength to continue their progress. The same is applied to everyone, in every sphere of effort. Every effort will eventually be pulled down by the force of entropy, however the speed of that depends solely on us. A person who tends to be easily discouraged will obviously succumb more easily to this force than someone who is more persistent. The good news is that we don’t actually have to suffer any internal loss at all, as long as we recognize the acting of this force early on and do whatever is necessary to get out of it.

When someone starts the inner work, the newly awakened spiritual force helps them to move along, and experiences from different spiritual exercises augment it. Eventually the force of entropy begins appearing, and we observe it as a lack of will to do what we have to do spiritually. The interest is still there, but the will seems to dissipate. Though the egos can react to it and amplify it, this force is different to the inner resistance towards the spiritual work manifested by the egos. It is different in that the egos of resistance are observed in the psychological centers, while the force of entropy encompasses us in a larger way, observable when we are in it.

There are several ways to get out of entropy, preventing it from pulling our inner work down. Something that could work well if you find yourself in that state, is to consciously evaluate your work and your interest in the work, re-establishing within yourself once again what exactly you would like to achieve with such work and why. Reflect deeply on why you are doing the work, where it is taking you, where you truly want to be; see if your efforts thus far are moving you in that direction; become aware of what additional things are needed to improve your progress. Once you become conscious again (or perhaps for the first time truly) of all those things, move on to do practices that have potential to push you along the Path. Return to the basics of self-remebrance and self-observation. Remind yourself why it is such a great thing to be in the present moment all the time. When you are centered in consciousness, you are then by default in the domain of your Being, who then has a much better ability to reach you and give you its strength and divine inspiration, so necessary for spiritual progress. This connection with the Being is always strengthened by a prayer and by living an upright life, focused on self-realization and overall goodness.

Furthermore, when in entropy it is of immense importance to apply more effort into practices that enable the spiritual aspects of us to function well (aspects such as the consciousness, the chakras, the higher centers etc.) and that can give us new esoteric experiences, new glimpses into higher realms, and an overall improvement of the energy system. These are practices such as transformative and mystical meditation, transmutation of sexual energy, vocalizing mantras, astral projection, development of psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy. Besides practices, it can be of great value to spend time in nature, because nature helps us see things more clearly and can also transfer some of its qualities to us. Things such as doing practices in nature, going for walks in nature, can be of great value not only when we need to overcome the law of entropy or resistance, but can boost the inner work at any stage.

An important thing to remember is that it is the components such as the death of the egos that takes us out of the grip of entropy, and the practices and everything else that we do to enhance our work is for the reason to die to ourselves in a better and more frequent way, because it is through inner death and inner birth that true progress takes place.

When entropy is overcome, we feel ourselves rejuvenated and on a higher frequency, with new force that we can use to reach new vistas in the spiritual work. We can use this new force to speed up the process of the death of the egos and move closer to the Being, so that the next time we get into entropy, we have a much better chance of overcoming it with more ease and with minimum loss of energy. Eventually we can reach a point where there is such a tremendous force continuously being generated within us, that entropy does not affect us anymore (or to a very small degree). This point is when we begin to incarnate various parts of the Being.

HDP, October 2021.

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