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Transmutation of Sexual Energies with Mantras

One of the most important teachings that Samael Aun Weor has left us, is transmutation of sexual energies. Even though this aspect of the spiritual work is one of the ingredients necessary to reach the final Liberation, it is a very important one. All of the elements taught are intrinsic and necessary, such as self-remembrance, self-observation, mystical death etc., and the transmutation of sexual energies is one of such important elements. Without it, we could not go far into the inner work because we would not create the much needed energy to progress further.

It is explained in the teachings of Samael that there are different ways to use the practice of transmutation of sexual forces: one is in the practice of sexual alchemy, in which case transmutation also has a creative aspect because out of the union of male and female energies emerge the third one, which when transmuted is responsible for the creation of the solar bodies. Another way to use the practice of transmutation is by sublimating one’s own sexual energy, which can be done by both singles and couples. In this case the solar bodies are not being created, but nevertheless the person gets access to a lot of spiritual force that is of great benefit in their inner work.

In order for the practice of transmutation to have positive results, it is necessary to have a strong foundation. This is achieved by doing the inner work, by practicing exercises such as self-remembrance and self-observation, through which we keep our consciousness awake and active, and also work on the egos. It is necessary to eliminate the egos, and not to waste sexual energies in orgasms and fantasizing. If all of these ingredients are in place, then the sexual energy is stored, conserved, purified, and ready for being sublimated and transmuted through the process of raising it up the spine, into the brain, and then funnelling it to the heart.

Regardless if you work as a single person or a couple, it is necessary to transmute the sexual energies daily. One can do it in the way as described in the article that I linked above, through the slow inhalation and abrupt exhalation with the mantra Ham Sah, but it can also be done in another way, and this is what I would like to talk about here.

In his books, master Samael has given many mantras for transmutation of sexual energies. In this article I would like to talk about two of them that I have personally found to have a great effect on me. One mantra is “Di On Is Io”, and another one is  “IAO”.

Transmutation with Mantra Di On Is Io

This mantra is coming from the name Dionisio, a latin version of Dionysus. The latter was a god from the Hellenistic culture, related to sexual force and wine. Over the course of history what he represents degenerated into obsession with hedonism, but his original meaning was related to sexual force through the inner work, and thus to fire. All of the mantras for transmutation of sexual energy are related to fire in some ways, as the purpose of transmutation is to transmute the basic and crude sexual energy (fire) into a refined and spiritualized one. The sexual energy is not a lustful sensation in the sexual organs, nor is it lustful emotions and thoughts, but rather a ‘background’ force that is mostly centered in the sexual organs. It is said that it also envelops the person and creates the energetic field (aura) around them.

The practice is done in the following way: sit down in a comfortable position, on a chair or sitting crossed legs on the floor, back upright, close your eyes and relax your body, letting go of tensions. Inhale deeply and slowly through the nose, imagining the sexual energy in the form of pure light rising up from the testicles/ovaries up the spine through the two nadis (Ida and Pingala), which are channels that entwine around the spine two and a half times, and then going into the brain and ending at the third eye.
Then exhale slowly pronouncing the first syllable of the mantra, “Di”, elongating the vowel (out loud), like this: DIIIIIIIIIIIIII, at the same time feeling and visualizing this energy moving down into the heart through the Amrita nadi, which is the channel that connects the third eye with the heart. You can intent on this energy to go down to your heart chakra and filing that area of your chest with light.

The same is repeated with the remaining three syllables; each time the sexual energy is raised and it reaches the third eye, it is then pushed down while elongating the vowels.
So upon the first exhalation, we pronounce the vowel DIIIIIIIIIIIIII,
upon the second one OOOOOOOOONNN

Samael Aun Weor has explained that when the creative (sexual) energy reaches the heart center, it merges with Christic atom, which is the atom of Christ consciousness, and it then lifts up the person to higher sphere. Certainly, this transmuted force helps a great deal in the spiritual work through its presence and higher emotion.

Mantra IAO

In Gnosticism, IAO is a mantra that has a sacred meaning.

I = Ignis (Fire).  A = Agua (Water).  O = Origo (Beginning. Spirit).

Fire refers to Divine Father, water to Divine Mother, and origin to Divine Son. In alchemical symbolism, out of fire (sexual impulse) and water (sexual waters) emerges divine son, provided that alchemical steps are done properly. The origin that the Son is is the origin of the Universe, of everything that exists. This mantra too can be used for transmutation of sexual energies. Besides being used in the practice of alchemy, it can also be done as a sit down practice for transmutation. The principle of the practice is the same as in the above described practice; each vowel is elongated upon exhalation as the sexual energy is taken down to the heart center:



The practice of sexual transmutation is a practice that is highly recommended in the Gnostic teachings, because with it the base sexual energy is purified and spiritualized. This process enables the aspirant to interiorize themselves which increases ability for self-observation and self-remembrance, the two crucial aspects for awakening of consciousness. The practice of sexual transmutation should go hand in hand with the work of the death of the inner defects and being chaste, because if the sexual energy is lost in fornication, then there is nothing to be transmuted. But if the steps are taken in the right way, this practice can provide a great help for the inner work.

HDP, May 2020.

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