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A Practice Connecting to Beings of Light

The practice that I will describe here is a simple one, though quite powerful and profound. It is using principles of prayer, but it enhances it because it also involves invocation, visualization, pure intention, and sharp focus, in order to connect to beings of light. Such beings have through history been known by many names, such as angels, divine beings, seraphims, archangels, devas, higher beings, etc. People from many different religions petition to them when they are praying, though mostly wanting their help when they have problems in life. But we can also reach out to them in a more profound way, and that is through a meditative practice.

Beside asking them for help when there are problems, we can also ask them to help us in our inner work, our spiritual endeavor, to give us clarity, inspiration, strength, guidance, knowledge, protection, high energy, understanding, wisdom, to activate our chakras and psychic senses, and many other things.

Divine beings are selfless in their nature, and eager to help all human beings that know how to ‘knock on the doors’ and that know how to ask them for help – by being sincere, honest, and with genuine and noble interest at heart. I believe that the nobler is the goal that we have and wished to be helped with, the more likely it is that they will help us by providing us what we need in order to achieve it. If we are constantly striving to be aligned with divine will and act as much as we can without the influence of our egos, then we are actually moving towards the angelic realms; we are still here on earth, but internally we are more and more connected with the higher realms of life that then give us blessings in various ways. Their form of help is not always what people expect it to be, but it is an excellent pathway for perfection of our souls.

The practice I will now describe would be for those who have created a stable and objective connection with divinity through prayer, and have developed faith through direct experience. You can do it when you feel you need their help for your own spiritual development, or when going through some difficult situation, etc.

Sit in a comfortable position, in a place where you normally meditate (though it can also be done anywhere else where you have some time alone and quiet). Close your eyes, relax your body, and silence your mind (thoughts and emotions) in a way that you usually do in your meditation. Once you reach the state of inner stillness and centeredness in consciousness, ask your divine Father (the highest part of your inner Being) to oversee this practice and to invoke for you a divine Being that you previously determined you want to connect with. It can for example be some of the famous angels, such as one of the four archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Rafael), or some other ones, such as Adonai, Anael, Metatron, or any other you feel comfortable with. But make sure that the information about the angel is coming from a good source, and that the being you wish to connect with really is a divine being.

Ask your Father to protect you, and to only allow influences from a higher source, and to block all other influences, and also that his will be done throughout this practice. Then you move your attention to the name of the angel that you wish to invoke, and you ask him or her to help you with whatever you need. Throughout the practice there needs to be continuous focus on the angel, and periodic asking for what you need. If what you need is spiritual upliftment by receiving energy of divine love or happiness, you can ask for that while focusing on the angel. You can then visualize the angel as a source of light from which rays of light are shining upon you, clearing you up, purging away all lower energies from you, and lifting you up internally.

If, for example, you need an understanding about something, you can invoke the angel, ask them for help with it, and then just focus on them, feeling their presence near you and seeing it in your mind’s eye in a form of a light being. All the while awaiting for the understanding to reach you.

Once the practice is done, say thanks to the angel and your Father. Try and reflect inwardly on the energy that you received. Remember that this helpful energy can be lost through emotional outbursts, excessive thinking, psychological identifications, and any other kind of energy leakage and losses throughout the day.

What can often happen in this practice, is that by focusing on an angel, if we are somewhat sensitive, we can get impression of their energy identity, and after some time of doing this we can find that this energy is communicating, not always in words, but also in expressions of comfort, friendship, and in a form of intuitive-like feelings of guidance. Like this then, connection to a being of light can be achieved and a new friendship established.

HDP, December 2019.

Author: Dario

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