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A Journey through the Four States of Consciousness

The goal of the spiritual work is to climb up the ladder of the Being, to reach higher and higher stages of the Path that can take one to the incarnation of all the parts of the inner Being. The consciousness that we have is the key factor in achieving that goal, because upon its transformation depends our movement forward. By performing the inner work, we go through esoteric initiations of the Path by which our consciousness is truly changed and expanded, and like this we journey through
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A Deeper Meaning Behind “Expansion of Consciousness”

In the last few decades there has been a lot of talk in various spiritual circles about expansion of consciousness; that in order to be spiritual, the person needs to expand their consciousness. Many people say that by using meditation or some other spiritual practices, that they have expanded their consciousness. If you would to inquire more about what they mean by this, often time you would get an answer that they have become more aware in daily life and more conscious of the things that
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