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To be a Revolutionary in the Gnostic Work

In the Gnostic teachings, a lot is spoken about being a revolutionary in the inner work, by those who have reached far along the Path. Some of those teachers have described what it means to be a revolutionary, whereas some Gnostic students were fortunate enough to be close to such people and see from real life example what is the meaning of a revolutionary in the spiritual work.

In recent times, the use of the word “revolutionary” is often referred to in a political or a social-economic sense, conjuring up intense images and suspicion. In many religions of the world, there were individuals that emerged within them and ultimately brought changes to these religions. Those changes were of different types, but almost always such revolutionary individuals were often not welcomed. In the spiritual work, however, a revolutionary is not someone who desires to change a tradition, but rather aims to change himself.

The Gnostic teachings are already quite revolutionary as they are, but they only have potential to bring about the inner revolution if the work is taken up in a serious and disciplined manner. When this is done correctly, then our inner nature changes completely; on the energy level, we become completely different individuals. We are then no longer an isolated spark of light that is trapped within the egos, but rather a consciousness that has merged with its higher self and reached a magnificent potential.

To be a revolutionary in the inner work first of all means that we truly understand the importance of such a work and what its potentials are. At first, we do not know the depth of the potentials, we do not know how it is to have the Kundalini risen, how it is to have permanent access to the spiritual bodies, how it is to have a true control over the mind, how it is to have the Being incarnated, what it is like to travel in higher planes of existence or reaching deep states of Samadhi etc. On the intellectual level, we understand the theory behind these potentials, but because we haven’t experienced it, we remain open to possibilities and without forming expectations or belief systems. But we have something important already when we begin the work – a certain feeling that pushes us in the direction of pursuing spirituality, and that provides us with a necessary intuition that keeps us steady on the Path. It is this feeling that we need to follow, as this will eventually take us into the realms of higher knowledge and gradually to the alchemical change of our inner nature.

A revolutionary aims to always have his consciousness awake and present in the moment, self-observing the egos from moment to moment, understanding that it is only with the death of this heavy load that we liberate our true self, that spiritual spark that is in bondage, kept from spreading its wings to fly and be what it is meant to be.

A revolutionary aims towards moving the center of gravity from the egos and the personality into the consciousness and the Being, so that he can maintain being in self-remembrance as much as possible throughout the day.

A revolutionary sees an obstacle on the Path as a necessary step that, once overcome, it gives new understanding about oneself and the work, as well as opening the way into deeper and deeper levels of the subconscious mind. He understands that it is only when the egos in the subconscious mind are exposed to the light of the consciousness that he can see them and thus eventually eliminate them. He does whatever it is necessary to overcome temptations and the hard blows of life, knowing that the false life of the ego can never compare to the reality of the Being.

A revolutionary is disciplined in eliminating the egos and working towards building or activating his inner apparatus – the spiritual bodies – so that he can go through more demanding initiations of the Path and eventually incarnate the first parts of the Being. He then marches onwards bravely, knowing that he must not stop at that because if he relaxes into this newly conquered nature, he will stop progressing right at the time when he needs to apply a lot of effort to perfect the spiritual bodies and reach resurrection.

A revolutionary is always attentive to his responsibilities, and compassionately helps others. He is attentive not to become identified with the world and its materialistic values, being careful not to be pulled into trivial things that have no real meaning, so that he does not fall down in levels.

A revolutionary uses the work and the teachings to its full potential, knowing that it is the knowledge that helps him ascend in a steady way. He maintains the communication with the other side through dreams, meditation and out-of-body experiences; he uses the nightly rest as a mean to continue his spiritual progress; he explores other dimensions and receives important messages that provide with insights into different options that he has, and he always receives a clear insight into the state of his energies and how to go about progressing further. He is always open for learning and help that higher beings give to all those that know how to knock on the doors of Reality.

It all comes down to seeing the importance of the inner work, and translating this understanding into a concrete action. The more we give of ourselves to our inner Being and its wish to awaken, the faster we reach spiritual heights.

HDP, April 2022.

Author: Dario

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