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Spontaneous Practice in India: Meditation in Space

Last year I was traveling in India, visiting many of the interesting places with temples and heightened energy. There are many religions in India, and people practicing them are co-existing peacefully with one another. The spiritual energy permeating many of the places in India has attracted spiritual seekers for centuries, and being there last year for the first time I glimpsed as to why that is so. Such a long tradition of spiritual activity has left tangible charge to the country, and while visiting some places one may tap to sources of intuitive feelings, which is why many seekers come to India in the first place – to get an insight that they need in life.

I was there to visit ancient sacred sites and just generally ‘places of peace and power’, with a hope to discover how such places can influence ones meditation, and if they could speed up a process of entering the higher states of consciousness.

While traveling in India I noticed that many of the places I stayed at have exit to the top of the building, which is like a terrace without a roof. I would often come out there before going to sleep, sat down somewhere and then just meditated under the stars. I noticed that meditating on the roof, unhindered by a roof, has an interesting influence. I felt as if there is less separation between me and the starry sky. Intuitively I knew I should try and visualize myself out there, and so I did.

What I did was very simple: by using the power of visualization, I consciously intent and imagined being transported into deep space, where I visualized myself sitting in a lotus position. All around me were countless stars, some more bright than others, and part of the vastness of space was filled with the multicolored nebulas. I used the power of conscious imagination to visualize all of that, and once I did, I just rested in that vastness of space, surrounded by the light-giving energy of the stars. Even though what I saw may or may not be objectively perceived image of space, by doing this practice I consciously connected with the Universe, which provided with a restful experience, and a feeling of being home. The longer I was able to maintain the concentration, the more potent was the pervading feeling of spiritual joy and wonder.

It is interesting how, when the journey has a spiritual theme to it, many magical things can happen, insights can inpour the conscious mind, and ideas for spontaneous practices come up from a deeper and an unknown part of us. This type of experiences can happen anywhere though, not necessarily only by being thousands of miles away from home. It can happen when connection to the Inner Self is looked after and preserved, through practices such as meditation, praying, and doing the inner work. The more we look after our consciousness and doing things that propel us upwards, the stronger is connection to one own inner Being.

Meditation as such is an amazing tool, and once we learn it pass a certain point, the doors of potential unlock before us. We can then utilize it for various things regarding our spiritual advancement.

HDP, February 2018.

Author: Dario

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  2. That was a great experience Man! Good post. Meditation is really that powerful, gives you access to the real self, which is at peace and stillness – especially when done by deep concentration and focus through Imagination.
    That’s why many famous and great beings have said that IMAGINATION is very vital in one’s life.
    I wish that many will learn to do their natural abilities and use it for the benefit of everyone,

    • Yes, I found the same thing – conscious imagination is a powerful tool that can help move us on the Path, and awaken some of our latent potentials.

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