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The Benefits of Spiritual Retreats: How Reflection in Nature Helps the Inner Work

Spiritual retreats have been used by people for thousands of years, so for them to get more grounded in their inner work, or to create a strong force that will in the coming weeks or months make them remember of that which is spiritual. Many cultures from around the world have done that, and are still doing that for the exact same reasons – to strengthen the connection with divinity inside of them, as well as outside of them. Often time they would go on a retreat that would be preceded by a
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Levels of Understanding Through Consciousness and Inner Work

It has been often said that teacher comes when student is ready. This readiness of the student depends on his level of understanding. In the beginning he finds the work and teachers, and then as his understanding increases he is able to understand more and more of the esoteric subjects. This increase of understanding is directly related to his own inner work. If the work is not taking place inside him, the level stays the same, and sometimes it can even disappear (if we go backwards),
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