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Levels of Understanding Through Consciousness and Inner Work

It has been often said that teacher comes when student is ready. This readiness of the student depends on his level of understanding. In the beginning he finds the work and teachers, and then as his understanding increases he is able to understand more and more of the esoteric subjects. This increase of understanding is directly related to his own inner work. If the work is not taking place inside him, the level stays the same, and sometimes it can even disappear (if we go backwards), though I think this loss of understanding is temporarily taken away.

In this post I wanted to share my experience with this. As I was doing the inner work in the early years, this understanding has been growing gradually, but the first ‘shock’ in this regards happened after three years since I started the inner work. It happened that because of some circumstances at the time, I was at a beautiful seashore of one of the Mediterranean seas, sitting on a cliff overlooking the vast expanse of the open sea. The weather was sunny and very pleasant as the spring was already in full force. The sun was still high in the sky, without being obstructed with cloudiness of any kind.

I felt very charged by all this natural elements around me, and to be awake and aware in the present moment it felt like no effort is needed. The happiness and peace that come from being so strongly centered in consciousness was permeating my entire being. As I was on that small cliff, I observed what was coming into my field of vision with depth, and then suddenly I started focusing on the sun, reflecting on it, and as I did that I understood something about it that I haven’t before.

As I was focusing on it in the form of conscious observation, I understood much more profoundly the relationship that this object has with our planet and our solar system, and how it is one of the billions of other stars in our Universe. The understanding that I received was not in a form of information that was new to me, as I already knew this before on intellectual level of understanding. But sitting there on that cliff and receiving that understanding, it reached a part of me that is able to grasp more profoundly everything that it moves its attention to. That understanding received was more related to a level of feeling – I felt the understanding inside me, and outwardly through this feeling I saw the correlation of sun with other things of life. It felt like a mystery of the sun was in small part revealed to me.

Needless to say that this inspired me even more to be sitting like that in this state of awareness of the present moment, maintaining that peace and the beautiful feeling that was within me. In that state I decided to do a meditation where I was visualizing the sea that was in front of me, and then after some time imagining myself being that sea. It was a great continuation to the previous experience with the sun. Certainly it was a day I will never forget.

Everyone’s consciousness has capacity for receiving understandings like this. When we are in the state of awareness of the present moment, in the here and now, not identified with objects that surround us but rather fully present inside our body and consciousness, then this consciousness can be directed, in the form of reflection, to whatever we want to direct it to receive understanding about. The amount of that understanding depends on several factors, most importantly on the size of our consciousness, because as it grows in size, the more capacity there is to understand ourselves and nature. These incredible understandings about life can be gained both when we are active in the daily life, as well as in meditation. Small glances of incredible insights and understanding can arrive throughout life when, for one reason or another, our consciousness breaks through the clouds of the egos and we are present in the here and now. However, the levels of understanding and thus the knowledge that is able to enter becomes much more profound when we work on liberating our consciousness by transforming the subconscious mind, and by incarnating our higher Being.

HDP, November 2019.

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