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Could We Function In This World Without our Egos?

Often  time, people who are interested in spirituality, as well as those who are considering taking the path to liberation, wonder if it is possible to function in this world without the egos, without the defence mechanism and the psychological buffers created by the ego, or without things such as anger; the wondering sparked by the rationale that anger is needed in order to go well through life. It is also reflected upon if life could be lived without other mechanisms, such as lust,
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Maya – The Source of Illusion

Maya is a well known concept in Eastern religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, etc, and it is more and more known in New Age circles as well as in Esoteric traditions worldwide. The concept entails that the entire third dimension in which we live is a material dimension created for beings to learn through suffering and paying karma, and to eventually start removing animalistic and negative impulses which consequently leads to knowledge of oneself and the reality of existence. The
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