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A Prayer to Divine Mother as a Technique for Astral Projection

Traveling out of the body in higher worlds is an ability that anyone interested in it could develop. This ability is known as astral travel. To astral project from the physical body means that one is consciously stepping outside their physical body  The latter stays behind, asleep and safe in the bed, while the traveler travels with their astral body in a higher dimension.

There are many techniques for the achievement of this process, but the essence of it is that you (the consciousness) stays awake while your physical body falls asleep. This is done by concentration on a technique for astral projection, while the physical body is relaxed, in order to attract sleep and astral project. The techniques can involve visualization, affirmation, usage of sounds, stimulating inner movement, focusing on a certain point on the body etc. A technique that I would like to share here entails a prayer to one’s own Divine Mother, asking her to bring about the experience of astral projection.

In the Gnostic teachings it is explained that there are five aspects of Divine Mother, and within those are aspects that relate to the inner Being. The latter (in some traditions referred to as Higher Self) has many parts, one of them being the Divine Mother. In the inner work, she is the one that is taking us from the slavery of the egos to the liberty of the spirit; from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. She teaches us, provides us with necessary lessons throughout life, she takes us to different places in our astral and dream experiences. And so this technique is dedicated to her. It comes from the book Looking at the Mystery by Samael Aun Weor. The prayer goes like this:

I believe in God,
I believe in my Divine Mother,
and I believe in White Magic.
Mother of mine, take me out of my body.

This prayer should be repeated mentally once the physical body is relaxed and lying comfortably. It should be repeated calmly, meaningfully, allowing the prayer to lull the physical body to sleep, while the mind is focused on repeating it. It is important to be open for the possibility that her help can be a reality, that she can take you out from your body.

When we work with our Divine Mother in the attempt to self-realization, we become more and more acquainted with an incredible role that she plays in our spiritual awakening, giving us things such as astral experiences, understanding, and in general watching over us. The above mentioned prayer-technique can also strengthen our connection with her, so that we notice her presence more in our daily life and in the inner work.

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