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Astral Shield: For Protection from External Influences

Once someone starts working on themselves psychologically, and once they start experiencing deeper states of relaxation in practices such as meditation and astral projection, they are likely to become more sensitive to energies that surround them. Normally this types of energies are not perceptible to people. It is only when the energy centers of our astral body (also known as chakras) start becoming more active that we will become more sensitive. These chakras are like an intermediate between the multidimensional nature of a person – they channel energies through our inner (higher) bodies (such as etheric and astral bodies) and all the way to our physical bodies and organs. These energy centers are essential for normal workings of the “human machine”, on all of its level: physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

When we enter a deep state of relaxation, the energies inside of our bodies increase the strength of their flow and remove the obstacles in the network of energy passageways inside our bodies (also known as “nadis”). This then influences the chakras to start working in a much better way, which brings many benefits to our life, such as heightened state of awareness, ability to understand others more, to stay more detached from our egos (defects), but also to start feeling things that otherwise we couldn’t. The reason for this is because the chakras, beside having the vital function of intermediate between various type of energies that we as the multidimensional people need, they also serve as a higher senses that gives us access to various psychic faculties, such as telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance etc

When we become more sensitive, it gets important to know how to diminish (or close down completely, depending on situation) the influence from the external world.

I still remember very well that event that sparked the need to use the “close down” technique for the first time. It happened that I was walking in my neighborhood and saw a car accident as it happened. In total there were about six participants in the vehicles, and about twenty people were around the location of the accident. Seconds or a minute after this happened, I started feeling very dizzy, with a need to grab a nearby tree so not to fall down. I learned that it is the emotions and impressions generated from the people who were part of that accident and those around watching that I unwillingly picked up and as a result of their intensity I felt dizzy.

Soon after that I noticed that almost every time I would be in a place where there are a lot of people, such as supermarkets, shopping malls etc., similar thing would occur. This happened one or two years after I put a lot of efforts into the gnostic work, and therefore I learned that my chakras started functioning in a much better way than before. I learned that because my chakras were still adjusting to the right mode of processing, I was experiencing those type of disturbances that I mentioned above. It is at that time that I learned about the technique of “closing down”, which immediately resolved all that issue, until my chakras adjusted to that higher vibratory frequency, after which I no longer had to do it that often.

The technique to “close down” is very simple, and yet very effective:

Visualize your seven chakras as lotus flowers of white or golden color (or a color corresponding to each of the chakras), and then visualize/intent these flowers to close one by one, starting from the crown chakra. What this will do is close your chakras and also the auric field. In case this won’t be enough, you can enhance this technique by imagining/intenting your auric field closing into your physical body, and then imagine a protective shield of light surrounding you, like a cocoon.

This technique can be applied any time you are in a situation where you feel that the energies around you would affect your inner state, such as when in places with low energies, or when dealing with people that are of low vibration etc. etc. Also, this technique can shield us from the influences from the astral and mental planes as well. The later scenario is when from all of a sudden we feel uneasy or having strange thoughts. You can try “closing down” then too and see what happens.

Bear in mind however that when you are  “closed down”, you are less likely to get other non-physical impressions that could reach you, such as intuitive hunches etc., so use this technique accordingly.

H.D.P. August 2019.

Author: Dario

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