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Feeling Lost on the Journey to the Being

There are times on our inner journey when we might feel lost, when we feel like we do not know which way to go. We might feel that spiritually we are lost, and that something important should take place in our lives that will put us back on track. And so we search for that something, without truly understanding what is taking place on our journey.

In essence, everyone who has made contact with their Being through the inner work cannot be spiritually lost in the full sense of the word, and the only reason why they feel lost is because of the loss of connection with the inner Being. Sometimes this connection becomes more loose due to different events of life – some karmic and some related to the Initiatic path. It can also be that due to our mistakes we have started to move away from that inner divinity that is always there and that is ready to guide us if we come back to it. There are many reasons why sometimes we feel lost, the important thing is realizing that we are lost and that we want to come back on track and resume the journey to the Being with proper feeling in our hearts and by applying the correct type of efforts.

Many people feel lost when they move away from the path. This can be a gradual thing or sudden, but in both cases the personality takes over the road of life and places the importance on mundane things. In many cases this happens very subtly, making people still believe that they are fully grounded in the inner work, until one day they find themselves in a situation where the harsh facts of life simply hit them in the face, making obvious the self-deception in which they are stuck. This can be a painful realization, but it is important that it happens, because from this point onwards we know where we stand and, if we still feel the importance of doing the inner work, we can re-evaluate our life in the context of the inner work, and see what we can do to bring ourselves back.

It can also happen that we do not really distance ourselves from the inner work in terms of its outer form (such as attending groups, classes etc.), however internally we realize that we are lost because there is no more that longing for the inner work that we once had. We may realize that even though we haven’t moved away from the outer form, we have moved away from the internal principles and from our own inner Being by having the personality taking over our lives. Our personality and the egos do not always work to move us away from the inner work by making us “moving on”; they can also make us leave in another way, and that is through fortifying themselves in the outer form of the inner work, creating for themselves a comfortable spiritual life that is lived largely through personality rather than the consciousness, and by making us believe that we are still doing well because this external form of our spiritual life is still there. Nevertheless, the Being can still reach us and make us realise that we’ve moved away from the original purpose, offering us to return again to to our true inner journey.

Often the feeling of being lost is related to some sort of  initiation, whether that be of the probationary path or the path proper (depending on where one is in the work). This is a learning process for the soul to find its way through the layers of the ego that have silently misdirect us and placed us in a dark labyrinth. The escape out of the latter is possible by re-establishing our connection with the Being, and then by listening to the voice of our soul, the voice of silence, which aims to lead us back to that inner state which we once had.

Navigating our way back can be a stressful process, but it is important to be brave and daring, because once we escape from the dark labyrinth in which we find ourselves, we exit it at the opposite side from where we entered,  coming out stronger and reaching a higher stage in our work, provided that our vibration is once again lifted up and that we have regained what we might have lost. Such escape from the labyrinth entails being serious and listening to the guiding feeling of the soul, so that we can thread the path again in the proper way and make ourselves worthy to receive divine assistance, in order to arrive to the goal of becoming more and more complete internally by incarnating within ourselves our divine parts. Without having such parts of our inner Being, there is always a risk of getting lost in the river of life, even when we think that our life is settled and centered in the inner work.

HDP, September 2020.

Author: Dario

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