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On Reading the Books of Samael Aun Weor

In his lifetime, Samael Aun Weor has written over 60 books, and over 270 of his talks have been transcribed and compiled into a huge book called the Fifth Gospel. Besides that, there are probably other transcribed talks that did not make it to any book, all of it to form a large textual heritage left to us by master Samael.

He was writing about many different subjects, that from esoteric point of view are relating to spiritual development, such as psychology, astrology, ancient history, Kabbalah, endocrinology, cosmogony, tarot,  etc. Many of his books (particularly the ones that he wrote in more advanced stages of his inner work) have a profound depth and can be used as a guide for spiritual awakening, but it is important to know how to read them.

First of all, one should understand his cultural background. He was born and grew up in Colombia during the 1920’s. His personality acquired values of that time and place, which often comes through in his books. This is important to bear in mind so not to be put off due to the culture and time aspect. Once this is understood, you will be better equipped to look at the message, rather than putting too much attention on how it is presented.

Secondly, when reading his books you may notice an occasional harshness. This is something that many people take to heart and even dismiss his teachings because of that. In my view, harshness in his writing is due to two things – first because of how his personality was developed, and secondly because of the ray of his Being. Master Samael is said to be closely related to planet Mars, which is the planet of our solar system often time connected with war, harshness and fierceness. Nevertheless, the planet Mars is said to be one of the sacred planets of our solar system, so its harshness is not of a mechanical type, but rather obedient or working in unison with its companion – the planet Venus, which is the planet of our solar system related to love and beauty. Looking at it from this perspective, one can understand the why of the occasional harsh language of Samael Aun Weor, and can be more easily accepted as an expression of his Being.

This can be even more understood when you develop your inner senses to a degree. If then, for example, you look his video interviews that are from later part of his life, you would sense the emanations of his inner Being, which is love and compassion for humanity, shining through him.

Another thing to be aware of when wanting to read his books, is that they were written in various stages of his development. He started writing them in the 1950’s when he just began the first stage of the path to liberation (known as the First Mountain), and continued writing them until the very end of his life in the late 1970’s, which was the point when he finished the Second Mountain.

The reason why it’s important to keep this in mind is because the objectivity and the insight one would have at the beginning of the first stage of the path, and the objectivity and insight that one would have at the end of the second stage of the path, would be enormous. Having said this, it is good to note that Samael was said to have certain faculties enabled from an early age, which supposedly gave him inner perceptions. He would then use those when writing books, and so one can get some valuable insights even from his early books.

Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the fact that during his early time he was at the level in which he was. It is like with any practical subject – the more one gains experience and knowledge about ones own profession, the better can he convey it in writing, in comparison to when just starting out. This is even more relevant in esoteric subjects, where certain components (psychic perceptions and parts of the Being) are needed in order to be objective and see the truth in a holistic way.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the books of Samael Aun Weor, especially the later ones, are filled with profound depth. Because of that, it’s not really advisable to read them as any other literature. It appears that he deliberately wrote his books in the way for them to speak directly to the consciousness of the reader, beyond the layers of the personality, mind and the ego, in order to make an impression on deeper parts of one’s own Spirit. Because of that, it is advisable to read them slowly, with full attention, to allow the spontaneity of consciousness to reach the core of the message that is being transmitted.

At the conference of Guadalajara, Mexico, which happened towards the end of Samael’s life, he announced that we can awaken by just studying five of his books:

  1. The Revolutionary Psychology
  2. The Great Rebellion
  3. Yes there is Hell Yes there is Devil Yes there is Karma
  4. The Three Mountains
  5. The Mystery of Golden Blossom

At that conference he indicated that these are his main books to be studied, and he also mentioned that some of his older books contain mistakes, which is why some teachers from his lineage who attained spiritual mastery focused mostly on the five mentioned books that Samael himself recommended as his main books.

Nonetheless, one can of course also study his other books because there is a wealth of wisdom there too, books such as The Revolution of the Dialectic, The Tarot and Kabbalah, The Pistis Sophia Unveiled, The Perfect Matrimony, Fundamental Education, The Igneous Rose… though always keeping in mind what are the basic principles for awakening, so to not get lost in concepts and ideas that are not related to those basic principles.

It is also worthwhile mentioning that, simultaneously to reading Samael’s books, it is recommended to attend Gnostic classes that are led by a competent instructor who can clarify the points from the books, particularly those points that are not so easy to grasp.
Once you get a good practical understanding of Gnosis and Samael’s teachings by studying his main books and having his teachings clarified by someone in the know, you would be well-equipped to read his other books and transcribed talks, where there are more gems of wisdom.

HDP, April 2020.

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