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Using Meditation as Aid for Clairvoyance and Astral Projection

Exercise of meditation is not a prerequisite for clairvoyance and astral projection, but can help achieving those abilities. When I was starting out with astral projection, I heard many talk about meditation as a help to astral travel and how it is necessary to practice meditation first for some time. I can understand why – when we work on silencing the mind, and if we go deeper with meditation and start to observe our thoughts and emotions (more on this technique in another post), we will see how this will carry on to other exercises that require concentration, such as astral projection. Then when the thoughts will come and go, it will be easier to stay detached from them and focus on a technique that leads to the precise point of the conscious astral split (which is when the body falls asleep and the mind stays awake).

Just working on sharpening concentration and relaxation (the two main keys for achieving the astral split) are in themselves enough – concentration will act as a meditation exercise and will calm the mind. However, by also having insight into meditation and our psychological processes that can be gained by the practice of meditation (as well as self-observation from moment to moment), it will be easier to await that point of astral split, and to successfully catch it with mind awake and body asleep.

Similarly with clairvoyance: it is said that this marvelous ability gives us access to knowledge and information that is not bound by space, time and dimension. However, in order to reach it, it is of great benefit to know how to have the silent mind. In this case, it is even more so than in the practice of astral projection. The reason for this is because when intenting for information to reach us from our high chakras, there shouldn’t be subconscious interference, otherwise when a genuine image or information reaches us, we may end up wondering what is its source.

It is worthwhile saying that clairvoyance is a great ability to have, related to the sense of one of our high chakras, but it also brings a great responsibility, as well as consequences if we misuse it. Like Samael Aun Weor said, every step towards power should be followed by one thousand steps towards sanctity (or purification). That’s why meditation comes as a great blessing to open up our hearts, giving us understanding, insight and knowledge into our psychological processes and the values of our life, so that on the path to self-realization and wisdom we act more in line with our Innermost Being, who wish for us to awaken from sleep.

If we learn to meditate well, we will approach every practice with a higher form of attitude and will enter the inner silence with much more ease, and then from that point we can direct our intention to any internal state that we wish to achieve.

H.D.P August 2019.

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