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Developing the Power of Intuition

Intuition is a useful skill that can benefit everyone. We can use it in all spheres of life, from small daily activities such as knowing in which cue to stand in the supermarket, to tackling difficult situations, to avoiding danger, knowing which path to take, interpreting dreams and symbolic teachings from the Astral plane, and much more. It has infinite number of uses, and it can be developed and sharpened to the point of becoming a clear “sixth sense”. It is said that this ability is coming from our higher nature, from our Being. That’s why  listening to it is in our best interest, regardless of how small or big the thing presented before us is.

The faculty of intuition is connected with the heart chakra, and there are techniques that we can practice to develop it. I will describe some of those practices, coming from the teachings of Gnosis, or more specifically from a spiritual master Samael Aun Weor.

According to his teachings, each chakra reacts to its own corresponding sound. Also, each chakra has one or more psychic faculties, also known as non-physical senses. It has been said that human being has five physical senses and seven non-physical ones (because there are seven main chakras in the body). These are the senses like intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, polyvision, remote viewing, and more.

Intuition is intimately related to the chakra of the heart, that reacts to and can be activated by the vocalization of the sound O. The sound should be elongated like this: OOOOOOOOOOO

There are many mantras that contain the sound O within themselves and that are good for developing the chakra of the heart, such as mantras OM, ON, and ONRO. In this entry I will write on how to stimulate the heart chakra with  mantra OM, and how to actually put the intuition into practice.

Start by sitting down in a comfortable position, in a quiet spot. Let go of thoughts and worries, and let go of any tension in your body. Focus on your breathing for a few moments. Do not try to influence the way you breathe, just observe your body breathing. This will calm you down and naturally quiet the mind. Then, start vocalizing the mantra OM. You inhale deeply through your nose, then out loud elongate the sound OM for entire duration of your exhalation, like this:


Keep repeating the mantra for as long as you feel comfortable with. Focus on the sound of it. After some time of practicing, you may notice a vibration within your body, especially in the area of your heart. You may also notice an increase activity in other energy centers (chakras) as well, such as in your crown and third eye chakras. You will feel your heart becoming more and more active, and then you will start feeling an outpour of love – the divine energy so strongly related to the heart chakra.

Now, the usage of sound in developing intuition is the first part of the exercise. The most important part comes by putting intuition to practice through various activities and choices that appear in daily life. It is there where we can sharpen and practice this ability by actively intenting on developing it. For example, when someone calls you, don’t look your phone but focus on your heart and try to feel who is calling you. When you are in a store, try and feel which cue will be the fastest one. When you are looking for something, try and feel with your heart where that object is. When you have to make an important decision, calm yourself down and try and see if you can feel what your intuition is telling you. In this way, by using your intention on learning to recognize the intuitive waves, intuition will be developed. The more you remember to do it, the more you will tune into this amazing latent ability.

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