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Beings of Light

A while ago I’ve read one inspiring poem about the beings of light and have decided to write a bit about this topic. I have very little experience with them, but the ones I do have have had quite an impact on me. The first of such experience was when I was around 6 years old, an experience which have influenced me profoundly. It was always pushing me to search and question, and eventually it brought me to the discovery of the practice of astral projection.

There is always something special about the beings of light. They have love and peace emanating from them, though sometimes they can close their radiation so you cannot feel much of their energy. But even then you may feel that there is something about them.  Usually when you are next to them you can feel that they radiate love, and have childlike energy to them which is pure, which reminds of the words of Jesus, “Unless you become like a little child, you won’t enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Many people have preconceived notions about how spiritual being should be like and how they should behave. Most of is based on false religious propaganda, or illusory new age concepts. If you will ever attempt to meet them, try to be without expectation of how it will happen.

It’s interesting, for example, the case of Samael Aun Weor. His style of writing as well as behavior can be seen as harsh because of the time and place he grew up in. However, if you would meet him in the astral you would feel his inner warmth, which is love. So don’t disregard those who may speak harshly or not palatably about spiritual matters. Personally, I would be more concerned with those who tell you all you wanted to hear about development – the type of “spiritual” development that blends into standard way of living, ruled by egotistic desires.

Higher beings are likely doing an enormous work, influencing us all in many ways. It is they that give us strength, inteligence, and understanding that we need in order to do the spiritual work. Without them, I doubt we would ever be able to  even pass the treshold. With their help it is possible to move along the way and overcome obstacles that may seem insurmountable. They will also help even if you don’t do the spiritual work.

To receive their help, all you need to do is ask for it sincerely.  If the petition is non-egoistic, you will probably be assisted. If you have a problem that you would like to solve, you can also ask to be shown how to solve it in a dream (it’s good to ask this before going to sleep), or you can just ask for inteligence and understanding so that you may grasp the solution. You have your own Divine being which you can ask, or you can direct a petition to every  being of light that can hear you.

I encourage everyone to attempt to meet them while conscious in the astral plane, through  the practice of astral projection, and find out what is their function and how it is related to you. In that scenario, you can ask them about many important questions, such as where you will go after death, where were you before you were born, you can ask them to take you to spiritual temples, to show you the meaning of existence, and much more. Here goes the poem that I mentioned on the beginning of this post. It is by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

The Invisible Helpers
“There are, there are
Invisible Great Helpers of the race.
Across unatlased continents of space,
From star to star.
In answer to some soul’s imperious need,
They speed, they speed.

When the earth-loving young are forced to stand
Upon the border of the Unknown Land,
They come, they come – those angels who have trod
The altitudes of God,
And to the trembling heart
Their strength impart.
Have you not seen the delicate young maid,
Filled with the joy of life in her fair dawn,
Look in the face of death, all unafraid,
And smilingly pass on?

This is not human strength; not even faith
Has such large confidence in such an hour.
It is a power
Supplied by beings who have conquered death.
Floating from sphere to sphere
They hover near
The souls that need the courage they can give.

This is no vision of a dreamer’s mind.
Though we are blind
They live, they live,
Filling all space–
Invisible Great Helpers of the race.”

Author: Dario

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