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2nd Key for Awakening – Alchemy

“First we bring together, then we putrefy, we break down what has been putrefied, we purify the divided, we unite the purified and harden it. In this way is One made from man and woman.” – Stein der Weisen, 18th century

Alchemy (in the East known as White Tantra) is a practice used for transmutation of internal energies. At one point in the history, the concept of “alchemy” was very popular among people. Exoterically it means transformation of lead into gold. Many people have tried to unravel the mysterious and obscure sacred writings of old alchemists in order to start making gold and to become rich. However, they didn’t know that the essence of alchemy goes much deeper than purely physical transformation, and that it may change the nature of a human being. Spiritual alchemy is a transformation of lead of the personality into the gold of the spirit.

In secret spiritual lodges of the past, the alchemical work was known as the Great Work, and it was something that enabled a person to find salvation from the bondage and limitation of the physical world and egos. Mozart has dedicate his opera The Magic Flute to this work, where the magic flute used by two main characters is actually the practice of alchemy, which helped both of them to pass through trials and initiations. Generally, a lot of secrecy surrounded this practice in the past. It was given only to those who were ready for it.

It is a sexual practice between a loving couple, male and female, which at its base consists of unification of two opposite poles or the two opposite forces (positive and negative), with the goal for the third force (the neutral) to emerge. Once it emerges, the couple can transmute this energy from the sexual center, up the spine, through the brain, and into the heart, for the purpose of crystallization of the solar bodies.

On the path to liberation, it is indispensable to create the solar bodies (and later on golden bodies and the bodies of light) so that the Being can gradually incarnate in the initiate who, besides alchemy, is also working intensely with the mystical death technique in their everyday life.

Just like the entire inner work of ascension, the alchemical practice being part of it also has at foundation chastity and love. In order for the solar bodies to be built, the person needs to have sufficient amount of psychic energy which they acquired by refraining from fornication and orgasms, and by not identifying with subconscious reactions of the egos in everyday life. The person who is to practice alchemy needs to have a good base in having a balanced life by knowing how to self-remember, self-observe, and properly die to their lower states (egos).

Besides the building of the solar bodies for the Being, the neutral energy that emerges in the practice of alchemy can also be used for the elimination of defects, particularly the strong ones that could not be properly eliminated during the day.

HDP (last revised March 2020)

Author: Dario


  1. This is such a good blog!

    • Thanks. Hopefully it is of some help 🙂

  2. Is the ham sah chant done during intercourse, and must the couple be married or does it suffice that they love each other?

    • The ham sah mantra is a transmutation exercise that can be done after the practice of alchemy, and as a sit down practice that each person does on their own, such as in the morning or evening etc.
      It is advisable that the couple is in a serious relationship when they start with it.

      • Thank you for this information! And thank you for sharing this entire blog!
        One thing, if I may: What should I do after eating pork? It was in the family menu today and I am still the only one interested in spirituality (in this way) in my family and I do not wish to argue with them or make them feel uncomfortable. They’re really nice people.
        Thank you!

        • I know what you mean, it can be hard when it comes to refusing certain food while at the table with family or friends. Though there are many people who have certain diets which can be acceptable by others if one talks to them and explain them the situation. In my case I started noticing certain effects after accidentally eating pork or pork based food additivies. These effects would be more and more prominent as I was progressing with spiritual work. So when I would be/am in such situations I just say that I am reactive to pork. If they ask what kind of reaction, I say I feel heavy feelings in my solar plexus and throughout entire front torso, and it also gives me bad sleep. This is true, and enough information for inquirer to be satisfied with the answer.

  3. Yeah I’m having trouble with masturbation. Started when I was in my teens. Since discovering the spiritual path, I have been trying to stop. But anytime I do there’s this full sensation in my head that’s like an energy overload and I have to masturbate just to be able to think straight again because it causes a lot of confusion and agitation.

    • Hey Scribe, that confusion and agitation is caused by mental and emotional egos though, because they want their food. They will do anything to get their food. By indulging into lust, the lust is fed. Have you tried the techniques of being in the here and now, and self-observation of five psychological centers, as described in the Gnostic teachings?

  4. So is this imlying a human being is never allowed to orgasm in their lifetime once they set their goal of raising the kundalini and wish to ascend the soul beyond reincarnation?

    And what about wet dreams? We have no control over them.

    • Wet dreams gradually lessen with inner development and with the work on lust. Also, the practice of transmutation/sublimation of sexual energy is important in avoiding wet dreams.

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