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A Practice with the Holy Spirit for Activation of the Third Eye Chakra

In his book the Aztec Christic Magic, Samael Aun Weor has taught various exercises for activating the senses of psychic perceptions by working with the energy of the Holy Spirit, directing it into the chakras by using visualization, mantras and slumber. The exercises are set out for each of the main chakras, working with one chakra for some time before moving on to another, and then finally working on all of them at once. However, if one already has experience of the spiritual work or aims to do it, then it is possible to pick the chakra that you like in order to awaken the psychic faculty that you feel would be most useful to have. This can be things such as polyvision, clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, empathy etc. Here is the practice for the awakening of the third eye chakra and its corresponding faculty of clairvoyance:

“Lie down on your bed and with all the muscles of your body relaxed, slumber while thinking that the fire of the Holy Spirit descends from heaven and enters into your head through the pineal gland. Feel that such a fire inundates your brain and puts into motion from left to right (clockwise) the marvellous and bi-coloured lotus flower of your pituitary Chakra, the eye of the Prophet.

See it fill with fire and spin upon itself. While in that state of consciousness, vocalize the syllable IN, as follows: IIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN
Feel as if you are floating on an ocean of fire. This exercise must last for about 30minutes and must be performed before going to sleep; if possible perform it at the same time every day, while lying down on your bed.

The next day write down in a notebook everything you dreamed of, without telling anyone about your impressions or commenting on this work, which is only for the secret study of yourself. The pituitary gland is located between the eyebrows.”
~ Samael Aun Weor, Aztec Christic Magic

Also known as the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit is the third aspect of Divinity in Creation and in each human being. On the macrocosmic scale it is related to the divine fire that creates, maintains and destroys, to the negative aspect of Creation (whereas the Father is a positive aspect and the Son is neutral). And on the microcosmic scale it forms part of the inner Being, fulfilling its role in the plan of the self-realization of the soul. It is associated with the Kundalini energy that is coiled in the Muladhara chakra and that awakens with a good amount of the inner work to save the person from the darkness of the egos. Holy Spirit as an aspect of the Being is incarnated in the individual who climbs the Second Mountain of the Path to awakening.

Having that part of the Being incarnated is described as not only having an increase of light within oneself, but also access to more knowledge. As Samael has stated in one of his lecture: “…when the Master receives the Holy Spirit, the Kundalini becomes the Omniscient instructor of the Master and the Holy Spirit wisely guides him.” This does not mean that the previous parts of the incarnated Being do not guide the initiate, nor that the initiate immediately gains access to some advanced psychic perceptions, but rather that a new aspect of comprehension is present, which may also involve a new channel for receiving information that the initiate can comprehend not only on emotional level, but on intellectual level as well.

Samael describes that the above described practice is done before going to sleep. This has its benefits, but it can also be done at other times of the day if you find that more suitable, such as in the afternoon or evening. Before commencing with the practice, do a protective recitation and the make the circle of protection. You can see the Holy Spirit descending from heaven as a sphere of bright light, completely pure and divine, floating somewhere above you and sending out its rays down to you, inundating your brain and your third eye chakra, making the chakra spinning (clockwise). You can also vocalize the mantra IN out loud as explained above for some time, and then feeling yourself floating on an ocean of fire, but this fire is not the physical fire, but its pure divine counterpart. It is a divine fire that fills you with light, strength, vitality, and cleansing energy.

Try and see yourself floating in that ocean of divine fire while simultaneously imagining that the ray from the sphere (which is the Holy Spirit) continues to shine down upon your third eye chakra, making the chakra spinning and filling it with light. The Holy Spirit is related to the inner Divine Mother, to its Kundalini force and to the sexual energy. On the Path, the fire of the sexual energy is purified so that the divine fire of the Holy Spirit can settle in our interior.

“…That white dove floats over the head of any master and instructs and guide him with his omniscience; this is how the Kundalini is converted into our instructor when we have dominated the beast completely.”
~ Samael Aun Weor

The beast (or the ego) is dominated gradually, and with the above practice it is possible to establish a connection with that elevated part of the Being that the Holy Spirit is, feeling more its presence, so to have a stronger degree of self-remembrance and strength for the inner work from moment to moment.

HDP, June 2021.

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