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Hercolubus or Red Planet by Rabolu (Book Review)

“Hercolubus or the Red Planet” is a book that master Rabolu wrote towards the end of his life. “Rabolu” is a spiritual name of Joaquin Valbuena, who was a close disciple of Samael Aun Weor and who reached quite far spiritually. Rabolu has not written a book prior to that one; all other books attributed to him are compilation of transcribed talks from various conferences that he held on the subject of Gnostic teachings.

Rabolu is the name of a Being who is under the ray of Law, and he is said to be one of the 42 karmic judges of our Solar system. Just like Samael, he too has made great efforts to reach awakening and to help humanity. Being proficient in astral travel and because he received esoteric information as part of his process of the path to liberation, he decided to warn humanity regarding the cataclysm that he saw was approaching, and he did it in the small book “Hercolubus or the Red Planet”.

The book starts with the following introduction:

“I wrote this book with much sacrifice, lying in bed, unable to stand up or sit down. But, seeing the necessity of alerting Humanity about the forthcoming cataclysm, I made a great effort.
I dedicate this message to Humanity, as the last resort, because there is nothing else to do.”

Anyone who has read books of Rabolu or studied his teaching would understand how much depth and sincerity there is in this introduction. This especially becomes more clear as you read the Hercolubus book. In it he speaks about how there is a large planet, called Hercolubus, five or six times larger than Jupiter, that is approaching Earth. He didn’t specify if it is a planet of our own solar system or another one, but it is clear that it is the same planet that is often time attributed being responsible for destruction of other races that have existed on Earth.

Samael Aun Weor, in his book the Aquarian Message, has written the following about it:

“An unusual event is going to accelerate the process of swift change to the axis of the planet Earth. I am referring to the planet Hercolubus. This planet is six times bigger than the planet Jupiter. The planet Hercolubus belongs to the distant solar system of Tylo. The solar system of Tylo is rapidly approaching our solar system, and Hercolubus is rapidly approaching Earth. Modern Astronomers have before their sight the planet Hercolubus, or as it is known by modern science, the Barnard star.

“This planet is a powerful giant that will pass through an angle of our solar system. When this happens, the revolution of the axis of the planet Earth will accelerate violently. Then the final catastrophe will occur. Some scientists believe that they will be able to push this monstrous planet away with nuclear explosions, but this will be useless. It will be impossible to push this tremendous mass of a planet out of the way with mere nuclear bombs. This same planet brought Atlantis to an end. Before Atlantis existed, it annihilated the existence of another continent. We know very well that the continent of Mu or Lemuria sank within the waters of the boisterous pacific ocean after 10,000 years of earthquakes and incessant volcanic eruptions.”

In esoteric teachings it is explained that every new race develops in a cyclical way – there is beginning, growth, maturity, and decay of every civilization. In Hinduism such ages are called  Yugas; there are four of them: Satya yuga, Treta yuga, Dvapara yuga and Kali yuga. These four Yugas correspond to the four ages of any civilization: golden age, silver age, bronze age, and iron age.

It is explained that with each new golden age there is peace, knowledge and spirituality that are prominent in people’s lives; it is the time when “gods are walking on Earth”, the time of harmony and prosperity. With every subsequent age humanity falls deeper and deeper into forgetfulness and materialism, until this reaches an apex in the Kali Yuga, or the iron age. It is explained that at the end of that age, the cycle reaches its end, civilization is destroyed and ground is prepared for the next race to come. Many have said that cataclysms that take place are due to a large planet that passes near the Earth and causes such destructions. This planet has been called by different names, such as Nibiru, Hercolubus etc.

In his book, Rabolu predicts how things will unfold as the Hercolubus gets closer and closer to Earth. He speaks about the consequences of our actions, such as nuclear testing on the oceans, and he speaks about a great war that is to come. He makes it clear that before the cataclysms caused by the passing of Hercolubus, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc., there will be a social chaos caused by humanity’s own actions.

However, in later chapters he gives instruction on how to avoid the suffering that would come. He speaks about spiritually advanced extraterrestrials that are observing our planet and how they will have a big role because they will save those who have been working on themselves spiritually. It is described in other Gnostic texts that they will transport those people to a safe place where they will be able to continue their inner work. Some have said that this safe place will be a so called Exodus island, located in the fourth dimension somewhere on the Pacific ocean, and another place that was mentioned was a moon of a certain planet. Rabolu in his book does not mention where that place is, but he speaks about his astral travels to planet Mars and planet Venus, and describes the advanced form of life of civilizations that live there, obviously in the fourth or fifth dimension.

In the Hercolubus book, Rabolu gives two techniques to be practiced that would make a person qualify for being saved by the ETs. The first one is what is known as the Mystical Death, or the death from moment to moment, and it deals with elimination of inner defects such as greed, lust, anger, pride, envy, fear etc., so that the particles of consciousness that are inside it are liberated and return to the free consciousness that each person already has available, which is said to be 3% of it. The more defects that are eliminated, the more consciousness grows in size, and the more the person purifies himself and thus increases his vibratory frequency.

The second technique that he gives is astral travel. This ability is of great help, because through it we understand that the reality in which we live is not the only one that there is. By astral traveling we get knowledge and insights into life that is much more thorough than what we know now.

He finishes the book with these words:

“I give these formulas to humanity, because whoever truly wants to save himself from the cataclysm that is coming must begin at once to disintegrate his psychological I, all the thousands of defects.
“You must qualify, so that in the moment of rescue you will be taken to a safe place, where no harm will come to you and you can continue working on the Me-Myself, until reaching Liberation. The person who qualifies will be the one who succeeds in escaping from the disaster.
“The Divine Justice calls this humanity ‘the lost harvest’. That is to say there is nothing else to do. The destruction that is coming is because the Gods cannot do anything more for us. Therefore, no one can take the Hierarchy by surprise; everything is planned.

“Dear reader, I am speaking very clearly so that you understand the necessity to seriously launch yourself to do the inner work, because whoever is working will be taken from danger. This is not to be theorized or argued. Rather, the formulas that I am giving in this book are teachings you must experiment yourself, so you can go and get the Wisdom. There is nothing left to appeal to.
“I am not a fear monger; I am a human being who is warning about that which will come. What I say is serious. Whoever has fear of God will begin to work against his defects, which keeps us isolated from our inner Father.
“Although I could go into more detail regarding the Esoteric part, I do not want to take up your time. Fight so that each one realizes this work that I teach, because it is the path to follow. I do not want anyone to be lost.”

Even though Rabolu was aware that to go further into the work one would also have to build the solar bodies, but due to urgency that he perceived, he gave the keys of the mystical death and astral travel as a sufficient mean to be saved from what is coming. Now, when would such future unfold, it is hard to say, but many sages and masters of wisdom have predicted that the end will come to this civilization, and that a new one will appear.

An organization called Alcione Association is giving free copies of this small book. If you are interested to read it, you can get your copy here: https://thefinalprophecy.info/

HDP, May 2020.

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