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Using Psychic Senses for Selfish Means?

Psychic faculties, such as clairvoyance and telepathy, is something that attracts many people to the study of spirituality and non-physical phenomena. Because of the values of our society and glorification of acquisition of things, it is not at all surprising that a lot of folks would see many benefits for their own lives if they would achieve access to psychic senses. It is true that they can enhance one’s own life and provide with a more holistic view of reality, but the question arises – could they be used for selfish purposes?

A while back I have heard a talk of someone who questioned the validity of many psychics who charge money for their services, saying something in the line of: “Instead of earning only a couple of hundreds of dollars, how come they don’t use their skill to win millions of dollars on lottery.” It seems that this is a common view of many people regarding the psychic faculties and their usage, but it not a correct one.

The reason why it is not a correct one is because psychic faculties are the higher senses of the soul, they are not of the physical body, and this is also the reason why majority of people on Earth don’t have access to them. These faculties are related to chakras, and development of chakras may result in activation of faculties, but it is normally preceded by doing a spiritual-psychological work upon oneself, which entails inner purification of egotistic states and subsequent increase in vibratory frequency. By so doing the chakras can reach the point where they gradually provide the higher (psychic) senses to the person who is working upon themselves.

The usage of the senses of the soul for material gain, espionage, or trickery is contrary to the higher purpose of the soul, which is to graduate in the dualistic Universe and to reach enlightenment, the final Liberation. People who are born with psychic faculties are likely to have done some sort of a spiritual work in their past lives, and have carried over the non-physical senses with them to this current life. Many of them recognize that such abilities should be used for helping others and helping themselves to climb further up.

It is not uncommon that when a psychic faculty is used in a way that is not in harmony with the soul and the higher law, that it is taken or withdrawn for a while. In my opinion, it is very rare that a person who is spiritually immature would have access to clairvoyance in a deep and profound way, such that is required to receive clear information from the future, past, or from other dimensions and higher beings. The person who is spiritually immature, though have interest in spiritually and is doing some exercises to awaken chakras, may get glimpses of the faculties, but it would be to a very small degree. That person may start receiving information about themselves more, rather than about other people or situations.

Higher senses are overseen by the Being (Higher Self) of each person, because they belong to the Being. If we allow our egos and personality to use these senses for selfish means, then we get out of harmony with our inner Being and out of harmony with the divine law. Even if we desire a large sum of money for spiritual purposes, such as helping out a spiritual organization, it is still a desire that is taking hold of our will, clouding us from seeing the reality of life and of ourselves.

The more pure we are internally and the more we rise up on the mountain of ascension, the more selfless we become and in tune with the divine law and with our Being. Spiritual gifts, including higher senses, come at that point, enabling us to use them to help others and to help ourselves in our spiritual journey.

HDP, May 2020

Author: Dario

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