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Whirlwind Meditation: For Removal of Trash, Cords and Attachments

The whirlwind meditation is one of the cleansing techniques that I learned early on in the spiritual work. It is composed by Dr. Joshua David Stone. I have tried several of such kind of practices, but for one reason or another I continued with whirlwind meditation because it has a certain substance and energy that was noticeable already after first time that I’ve done it. The technique itself is about removal of astral larvae, energetic cords and attachments, and various other blockages that we pile up during the course of our lives. It is based on invocation of high spiritual energies and beings in order to clear up those blockages, regardless if they are self-imposed, involuntarily collected, or put on us by external forces.

Many of the psychological problems people have could be caused by different types of trash that can be on the astral body, such as astral attachment. These are an energetic objects attached on the astral body, that can be seen and removed when in the astral plane. The astral way is surely the quickest way to remove these objects from the astral body, and by doing that we may often time find that some of our issues have been resolved, such as emotional and mental pressure.

The second thing that we ask to be removed during this meditation are the astral cords. These connect us to different people, situations and places (in this lifetime and previous ones) that we had emotional relation too. These cords limit us and due to them we can experience low and pressing emotions more often, being often time reminded of different people, situations we had with them, and the corresponding emotions. Most of these emotions are low and unwanted, but even if it is a ‘good emotion’ (because it corresponds to an event in our life that was pleasant), it doesn’t mean that by cutting that cord we will forget about that person or event. It’s just that the emotional link that is connecting us to that past event – and limit our ability to be in the now – will be gone, but the quality of that experience will still be a part of who we are, and we will always be able to consciously learn from it. Here goes the technique as I remember it:

Tornado meditation

Sit down in a comfortable position, back straight, body relaxed.

Say the following affirmation three times:

“I am Soul. I am Monad. I am Light Divine.
I am Love. I am Will. I am Fixed Design.”

Then continue saying this invocation:

“By divine decree, and in the wisdom of the soul, I invoke the spiritual tornado.

“I also invoke the violet fire, the silver ray of grace, and the platinum ray, to cleanse and clear everything that is not in complete alignment with my soul signature.

“And I also invoke the archangel Michael, to cut all cords of attachments that are connecting me to anyone, anything, any memory or occurrence, through time, space, and dimensions.

“And I call upon the karmic board, for karmic absolution between myself and any of these elements.”

You can now visualize a spiritual tornado of pink color forming on the top of your head. Imagine it increasing until it encompasses you and your entire auric field (you can make it as big as you want). Feel yourself inside it and how its centrifugal force is pulling up all the trash from your aura, from your physical and astral body, etc.  Feel and intent that the tornado is doing its work, and you just rest in the tranquil energy inside of it.

After some time, I focus on Michael (while the spiritual tornado is still doing its work) and mentally asking him again to cut cords of attachment. Then I visualize the flaming sword of light passing along all sides of my body, and I see and feel all the cords being removed and pulled up into the tornado. Often at that point I feel a relief of a sort.

At the end, when you feel that all the trash has been removed, visualize/intent that the tornado is moving away from you (I normally see it passing outside to my courtyard) and see how all the trash it pulled up is now being pushed down with tremendous speed deep down into the earth, where the elementals of earth take that trash and transform it into a material useful for the earth (that last bit with elementals transforming it doesn’t have to be visualized but just intended)


You can do this meditation for however long you think is necessary, and you can also make several tornados during one session (in a consecutive way, while previous ones are unmade). I normally just go with one tornado for the entirety of meditation, which I do for about half an hour.
You can do it every day, or when you think it’s necessary. Dodgy neighborhoods and places with strong manifestations of emotions in various situations, can cause the trash and the astral larvae to be accumulated on us. If you try doing this meditation and notice a difference in how you feel, it means that it possibly works. You can then experiment more with it, or incorporate it into your weekly schedule.

Like I said above, this practice has been very valuable to me in different moments of my life, causing relief and making me see things more clearly. I always start it with a prayer to my divine being and other divine beings to help out remove what can be removed.
It is a practice worth trying out.

HDP, November 2019.

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