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The Power behind Blessing of Food, Water, and Items

I still remember that summer evening when my friends and I were sitting outdoors in countryside and about to have dinner. At one point, one of them said a prayer before we started eating. However, they weren’t just saying thanks for the food, but rather the emphasis was on asking the higher beings to bless it with certain qualities. This was new for me, and since then on I experimented more with it to later incorporate this habit into my life.

During the time of trying out the power of blessing, I have sensed that it is particularly powerful when an effort is made to bless food and drink. The blessing of water can be enhanced even more if the glass with water is first put out on direct sunlight for some time before consuming it, and then asking for it to be infused with divine qualities (or vice versa: first asking and then placing it out on sunlight).

However, when you ask for these higher qualities to be part of your food and drink, it is necessary to know what you are asking for, and what you want to do with these gifts. For example, you can ask for qualities such as spiritual strength, compassion, love etc., or just in general ask the divine beings to infuse it with any qualities that you need in order to achieve your purpose. Ideally, the purpose should be related to something noble – something that ultimately aids your own spiritual growth and that of other people.

If you have an illness, you can also ask for your food and/or drink to be infused with qualities that will heal your body. Again, chances of this working might depend a lot on “merits of the heart”, or in other words, the more we are trying to be in line with divine law and will, the chances are higher that our lives will be blessed with things of high nature. If we ask for things that our spirit needs, our wish might very well be granted.

Blessing items is something that can be done in order to enhance ones own home with spiritual atmosphere and protection. The procedure is the same as with food and water – asking higher beings to infuse those items with qualities that you need, or rather that your soul or spirit needs. This then charges the item with an energy that, when properly blessed, can remind you of your inner work or your higher goals. It can also be used as a sort of a talisman that creates a higher atmosphere that is suitable for protection from unseen influence, or aid in meditation, astral projection, or any other spiritual practice. However, just like with food and water, the chances of it working well is directly related to how noble your goals are, and also – how strong is the longing for your Being.

Generally any item can be charged with high energy, but I believe it would work stronger if an item is of a spiritual nature, such as a figure, a symbol, or a poster, or an object that you associate with spirituality. The principles of blessing is always related to asking higher beings (and ones own Being) to bless it with qualities that you need, that are related to noble goals and spiritual progress.

This is something that is worthwhile experimenting with and seeing if it brings some changes in your life, and seeing if it will bring you closer to your spiritual goals.

H.D.P October 2019

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