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We Live In a Magical World

We live in a magical world,
the world of beauty and enormous potential.
We live in a reality that,
though seemingly harsh and difficult,
is permeated with Divine bliss,
a bliss that patiently awaits for people
to open their hearts and minds in order to receive it.

We live in a magical world,
where every new day offers new beginning,
a day in which people can consciously decide
to take the path of knowledge,
and dash on the wings of inspiration
towards the eternity of plenitude and peace.

The everyday suffering gets swollen up
by the magic of divine promise,
that gently whispers to all those
whose eyes started waking up from a deep slumber,
the slumber caused by ignorance and darkness
of our lower nature.

The magical world that is our everyday reality,
will remain until a certain point,
and the choice of eternity of plenitude and peace,
will gaze at us for a while longer,
hoping for renewal of that which is true and which is real.

Indeed, we live in the magical world,
though seemingly insignificant in the vastness of Creation,
yet connected to the source of everyone and everything,
in which all of us, from all epochs and nations,
from all kingdoms of nature,
share in the ever rising truth of totality of our infinite beings.

HDP, April 2019

Author: Dario

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