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Connecting with Divine Mother through mantra IO

Vocalizing mantras is a great way to activate that which is spiritual within us, such as our chakras and consciousness. Vocalizing sounds of the mantra has the power to make our chakras vibrate, and our consciousness to temporarily wake up. Maintaining our consciousness (our true self) awake, is another story – it requires persistent efforts and a change in our way of being.

There are many mantras for many different purposes: there are mantras for astral projection, for ESP ability development, for countering low states, for protection,  etc. The mantra that I am going to describe here is for connecting to the aspect of our Being known as Divine Mother. In the Gnostic teachings, each person has their own spiritual Being (also known as the Higher Self), of which we (the essence or consciousness) are a tiny part. Furthermore, that greater Being consists of many parts, the largest of which are Divine Father (masculine) and Divine Mother (feminine). It is said that this greater Being is separated from us, and that it incarnates within a person part by part on the spiritual journey to awakening.

Nevertheless, we are still connected to it, and It knows us thoroughly, yet we do not know It. With practices such as awareness of the present moment and a certain type of meditation and mantras, it is possible to get to know it a little bit more. And then if we take up the path to awakening, we can get to know it fully.

Our personal Divine Mother corresponds to Divine Mother that existed in many cultures under various names, such as Mary (Christianity), Rhea (Greece), Isis (Egypt),  Tonantzin (Mexico), Juno (Rome), Mat Zemlya (Slavic), Shakti (India), etc.

Samael Aun Weor mentions the esoteric name of the Divine Mother, which is Ram-IO. I have been using this name as my mantra practice for years now, with good results. Basically, the sounds “I” and “O” correspond to the third eye and the heart chakra, and by elongating them you make those energy vortexes to vibrate. If at the same time when you are vocalizing you have your intention set on your inner Divine Mother, the benefits can amplify. The practice is done in the following way:

Find a quite place where you can sit down comfortably, outside in nature or somewhere inside. Have your back straight, body relaxed, mind calm. Then start the mantra by inhaling deeply, and upon exhalation vocalize the mantra IO. Like this:


If you want, you can vocalize mantra RAM-IO, in which case it would be vocalized in two exhalations, like this:

Feel the sound within resonating within you, feel the changes that it brings, and after a little while, intent on experiencing the Divine Mother within you. As you vocalize her esoteric name, mentally ask her to manifest within you, intent to make it happen. The experience may come in different ways, often time not as you imagined or expected it. For example, you may feel having the Universe within you, and feel the divine feminine energy of the Being within this Universe, or you may even see or hear her through your psychic senses.

The whole experience can give a motivation that you carry on in daily life, seeing the reality to the force known as the Divine Mother.

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  1. dear highestquest,

    i have found this wonderful site and pls dont mind that i use your links in my facebook group called Ham Sa.

    I feel so blessed having found your site. I used to study the online courses of Master Samael.. with the help of mantras i was able to astral travel and became sensitive to energies so i stopped my practices because i fell seriously ill also (schizophrenia) i assume that i should do inner work first before i practice mantras… but i love mantras… presently i have been conversing to good nature spirits. Today i was talking about white tantra with someone who knows SAW teachings too and then i found your site… pls i want to be ur student, how can i read your other articles? Thank you so much.


    • I am glad that you find my blog helpful, Moony, and that you like Samael’s teachings. Unfortunately I am not in position to be a teacher of spitituality. I am just sharing my understanding of spiritual topics and hopefully it will be of help to people.

    • Hi , May i need know is there MP3 for the IO mantra?
      with regards

      • Hi Felix, I’m not sure if there is any online. I didn’t upload any here. It’s easy to vocalize it though: ‘I’ is pronounced as in word ‘bridge’, and ‘O’ as in word ‘October’.

  2. How long does this mantra should be said? Thank you.


    • According to individual preference. Generally 10 to 30 minutes would be good.

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