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The Meeting of Nicodemus and Jesus (from The Flight of the Feathered Serpent book)

Weak was the light of the earth that night, great was the light of Heaven.
Great was the flame of love in the heart of the Nazarene, great was the longing for the light in the heart of the Pharisee.

The following excerpt is from a book The Flight of the Feathered Serpent, which describes a meeting of Jesus and Nicodemus, supposedly described by Judas Iscariot.

One of the Pharisees whom Jesus encountered in his life was Nicodemus. According to narrations, Nicodemus was not fanatical and close minded as many other Pharisees of the time, but was searching for truth and had strong longing for the Spirit. At the time, Judas was Nicodemus’s disciple, but after that meeting Nicodemus has sent Judas to go and study from Jesus, realizing that he is a much greater teacher who actually knows about the spiritual matters and how to reach salvation.

The way Judas described the meeting gives a glimpse of enormous depth that the Jesus have had and his influence on others. Here also Jesus gives some very important elements for awakening, like for example the necessity for the Son of Man to descend down/incarnates into a person, and then (after it grows and develops) ascending with the person back to heaven. But in order to do that, first the serpent needs to be lifted up in the wilderness (the Kundalini serpent raised amidst the chaos of the egos). According to the teachings of Samael Aun Weor, to be born again is to create the higher bodies in which higher parts of ones own Monad are incarnated. But in order to be born anew, one first needs to die, and this refers to the death of the inner defects (egos).

Here comes the excerpt of the meeting of Nicodemus and Jesus, from the Flight of the Feathered Serpent book:


“And there was a man amongst the Pharisees whose name was Nicodemus, Prince of the Jews. Maya was his lineage, Maya was his heart, his thoughts were from the Mayab, they weren’t thoughts of clay, and he wept living tears. And he was austere in virtue in order to increase the treasures of the Lord and he tried to be just as his longing to make his faith living, was consuming him.

And his weeping was a weeping of living tears, as can only weep a blessed, who is not rich in spirit, and who longs for the Spirit that animates life in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the invisible sacred land of the Mayab.
Due to his destiny, one day he found out about the Rabi of Nazareth, Chilam Balam of Galilee, who was talking about the Great Hidden Lord, calling him Father who is in Heaven.

It was the Holy Lord Jesus who was climbing the Tree of Life and was teaching to climb.

The voice of destiny talked secretly in the heart of Nicodemus and he secretly went to see the Chilam Balam of Galilee because he knew that in him was the Word of Truth.

Weak was the light of the earth that night, great was the light of Heaven.

Great was the flame of love in the heart of the Nazarene, great was the longing for the light in the heart of the Pharisee.

And it was a thread of light that summed up destiny that night, drawing back the veils so that the man of clay could undertake the path of regeneration.

And the Rabi Nazarene said to Nicodemus, and his words remain alight in his heart:

“What is born flesh is flesh, and this is a generation.

“Do not be astonished then, Nicodemus, that I have said to you that it is necessary to be born again, because he who is not born again cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

And even before this, it was rumored around Jerusalem that the disciples of Jesus had repeated his words, proclaiming that you cannot pour new wine into old wineskins…

What should be changed?

In this way, Nicodemus left that night thinking and thinking.

For he knew at heart that such birth needed a death, but that such death was not the death of the dead, but of the living who knows that every man can live, be a baked amphora with the fire of the Mayab and carry in it the measurement that the Great Hidden Lord wants to pour.
Nicodemus was weighed down with age of an existence devoted to showing young people of his time how one should walk along the Paths of the Lord.

And, behold that the Rabi Nazarene had said to him that night about a generation who will die in order to be born in another one, and in this way live. He said to him like this:

“You are a Master of Israel and you do not know these things? In truth I tell you, Nicodemus, that I am talking to you about that which I know, I am and I give testimony to what I have seen, but men of your generation do not want to receive my testimony. And if I am telling you things of the Earth and you cannot take them, how can you take things that are from Heaven? For no-one has gone to Heaven except he who descended from Heaven, and it is the Son of Man who is in Heaven. And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, in the same way it is now necessary that the Son of Man is lifted up, so that all those who believe in Him do not get lost, but have eternal life.”

The words of this true Man deepened the wound already opened in the heart of the Pharisee, and in the depths of his chest he was enquiring:

“How, how should I do it Lord?”

In this way, his spirit of Pharisee began to die, and in his mind resounded singular words he had heard the disciples of the Galilean say: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

In this way he began to attract to himself the kiss of the Sacred Princess Sac-Nicte who was already watching him, but he did not yet know.”

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