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Astral projection to the Temple of Sphinx

The following is an account of astral projection by one of the students of Samael Aun Weor, from Samael’s Q&A book called Beyond Death. I thought it may be inspiring to read this story it if you are looking for depth in astral projection, because it shows some of the many things that one can achieve with this wonderful ability of astral travel. Here it goes:

“On a certain occasion in the countryside when I was performing an exercise of meditation, I felt as if I was vibrating while leaving the body; then, suddenly I felt that I was flying at a great speed and arriving at Egypt in a couple of seconds. I landed close to the Sphinx and felt the heat of the sand in the soles of my feet, I was able to touch the enormous decayed stones of that gigantic monument. It was a great surprise for me to see such an open panorama and such a vivid perception of the sky, as well as a tenuous breeze from the Nile river that was blowing and moving some large, thin palms.

After a brief rest, I felt myself driven by a special attraction that lifted me from the floor; thus, floating, I soared approximately to the height of the nose of the Sphinx. In the nose I found a small opening; I entered through it and went down a set of steps that descended in very narrow manner ending at a chamber guarded by a brown-skinned guardian. He wore an apron and golden sandals. On his head he had a hairstyle with a golden diadem that resembled a cobra in the attitude of attack. In his right hand was a lance that hindered my passage. His very penetrating eyes were bluish green. He did not even pronounce a single word; he only examined me and performed a greeting pass which I answered; he smiled, took hold of the lance and with an amiable reverence allowed me to pass; I then penetrated into a great chamber where I heard very soft songs from a choir chanting prayers in the form of delectable hymns.

There was a pink colored smoke from incense in the environment, which smelled like an extract of red roses and which made my body vibrate from head to toes. There were also many Egyptian symbols on the walls, which—in spite of not understanding them—were very familiar to me. So, after observing the rich decoration of that chamber, which undoubtedly must be a very special temple, a gong sounded and three Masters appeared who had calm and venerable faces, yet very penetrating sight; two of them came dressed with yellow tunics and one with a very white tunic; after saluting me they welcomed me with a very fraternal hug.

Thereafter, they celebrated a Mass on an altar that was between two enormous columns and that had a great golden scarab that shone in the midst of the incense smoke. Then a crystalline water fountain, that I did not notice before, became illuminated; they guided me towards it, and in it I began to see my face as black and horribly bearded, like the face of an orangutan; then I saw many passages of my present life where I committed all types of sin; so, I ended up moaning and crying.

Later they admonished me and gave me advice in a symbolic manner. They gave me a scarab of solid gold; they put it on my right hand and closed it while pronouncing some words that I did not understand; then they told me to keep it and to become worthy of always having it by my side. Then, they blessed me and I returned to my body. Very impressed, I woke up instantaneously, without forgetting any detail to the present day.”

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  1. Did you ever fly to the pyramids of the moon or sun?
    If so do you remember?

  2. Sorry for overposting i keep forgetting to put the notify me for new comments on –“

    • No worries. To answer your question, I have never done that. I have been in the physical to what’s known as the pyramids of the sun and moon in Teotihuacan in Mexico, and it was great. it must be so much more profound to visit them consciously in the astral plane. Have you ever had any of such experiences in the astral?

      • I tried the day i posted here. Unlike when i go see people by just saying their name it didnt automatically take me there. So i kept saying i want to go the the pyramid of the moon. But nothing happened then i tried visualizing it while outside and it feels like i was going there for awhile but it could of also been me creating in the astral plane what i remembered it looking like. Either way i woke before it finished. I just saw the movie Gods of egypt and there was a part where Horus went to a mount designed for the sun and he was able to see Ra through it. I just think theres a connection between that and those two pyramids like maybe theres a portal there to go to the moon and sun.

        • Thanks for sharing that experience. It certainly is very interesting to consider what was happening in such places in the long forgotten past, when people were spiritually, emotionally and mentally more developed.

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