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Mysteries of the Universe Written in Nature

Wise men and women often said how one can get incredible knowledge just by studying the most minute things in nature, such as a leave of a tree, or a plant, a flower, a snail, and so on. If you take one of those things and really try to observe it with consciousness, with intention to learn about its secrets, you may find yourself getting intuitive insights. That happened because you used your consciousness to get the answers, rather than the mind/intellect. And because of a high probability that on a higher dimensional level we are all One consciousness, you and the object of your study connected on the spiritual level. Imagine then what knowledge can be gained by studying larger objects, such as a tree, a mountain, a cloud, a sea, or the stars.

The following excerpt is from Rudolf Steiner’s lecture, called The Easter festival in relation to the mysteries:

“Much of what is now human wisdom was, in ancient times, enclosed in the Temple walls. It escaped the Temple walls, it is written in the Ether of the World and is visible there as soon as a man rises to spiritual Imagination.

This imagination is, as it were, the interpreter of the secret of the stars.

Thus we may say, within the Ether of the World are written what were once upon a time the secrets of the Temples and we can read them imaginatively.

But we can also put it differently and it still remains the same. We can also say: “I rise in the starlit night and look up to the heavens and give myself up to the impression of it all.”

And if I have the necessary faculty, all that is contained in the forms of the constellations and in the movements of the planets is transformed as it were into a great cosmic script. And when we read the cosmic script a real content emerges…

These things are to be read entirely in the cosmic writing, when the stars mean more to us than something merely to be calculated mathematically and mechanically, namely when they become for us the letters of the cosmic script.”

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