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Lesser Banishing Pentagram Ritual (LBPR)

Lesser banishing pentagram ritual, or in short LBPR, is something I’ve been using for a number of years, and since it serves its purpose well I decided to write about it here. People attribute this ritual to Golden Dawn organization, but all of the elements in it are based on ancient knowledge. The ritual involves Kabbalistic cross, Kabbalistic words, blue flamed pentagrams, a circle of white fire, sacred names of God, and the four archangels.

I’ve been using it mostly when wanting to clear the room of negative entities, but it also works great if you just want to clear the overall energy of the place and replacing it with that of Light, and also if you want to cleanse your aura and yourself of astral debris. If you move to a new place, or if you travel and stay somewhere overnight or for several days, it’s something that can be beneficial to do as well.

The dynamics behind it is that, due to all of the elements involved, the ritual creates highly charged energy in your surroundings, and that can banish entities and energies that are of lower nature. As in everything else, your intention and strenght of visualisation and vocalization will determine the efficacy of this ritual. If you just take the names of God, that is powerful enough to make a change in itself, because those sacred names got it’s high charge over the millennia. When to that you also add all of the other elements of the ritual, you get something even more potent.

Lesser banishing pentagram ritual doesn’t take long to complete (around 5 minutes), and you can do it how many times you feel you need throughout the day. On days when I decide to do it, I usually just do it before going to sleep, but if there is a need for it I do it more often than that.

The ritual

Stand straight facing the East. Become aware of yourself and your surroundings, and then focus for a moment on the divinity that is inside and outside of you, that is permeating the Cosmos.

Start by doing Kabbalistic cross:
(Use the index finger of your right hand, while the rest of the fingers of that hand are curled) Touch your forehead with index finger and vibrate the word A-Ta (Thou Art).
Move the index finger in front of the genitals area and vibrate Mal-kut (Kingdom).
Touch the right shoulder and vibrate Ve-G’bu-ra (and Power).
Touch the left shoulder and vibrate Ve-G’du-la (and Glory).
Clasp the hands at your cheast (as if praying), and vibrate Le-O-Lam (for ever).
Hands still clasped, vibrate: Amen.

Now with your index finger, while facing the East, trace a huge pentagram (or as big as the space in the room permits) that you visualise. Start tracing it from the bottom left corner upwards. Imagine that is of blue flame. Once it’s done, outstretch your right hand and with your index finger touch the middle of the pentagram and vibrate the sacrad name: Yud-hey-vav-hey

From that point trace a line of white fire towards the South. Once facing the South, trace a new pentagram in the same way. Right hand in the middle, and vibrate the name: A-do-nai.

From that point trace the white fire to the West. Draw a new pentagram in the same way, index in the middle of the pentagram, and vibrate: E-hehe-ye

Trace white fire to the North. Draw a new pentagram, index in the middle, vibrate: A-Gla

Complete the circle by tracing the white fire back to the East. In front of you are now four blue flamed pentagrams connected by the white fire of light.

Put your hands by your side, and say: Before me, (vibrate the archangels names) Ra-fa-el. Behind me: Ga-bri-el. On my right: Mi-ka-el. On my left: A-ri-el.

Now imagine the six pointed star (Hexagram, Star of David) blazing from the center of your chest (from your heart chakra), and visualise the archangels. I visualise them as three meters tall beings of light, blazing with the light of love, their light encompassing the entire room and beyond, cleansing and nurishing both me and my surroundings.

Finish the ritual by doing the Kabbalistic cross (as it was done in the beginning of the ritual). You can thank the forces at the end.

This is how I do the ritual.There are other versions out there, some very complex, but I find this one very effective and to the point. All the sacred words and names are pronounced as they are written, like in Spanish, Italian, Latin, Slavic languages etc… I like to vocalize the words and names from a deeper tone of voice and slightly elongate each syllable. You may have noticed that the crossing is done differently than in standard version. That’s because if you cross in the regular way (at your chest instead of genitals) then the cross turns out to be upside down.
If your crown or third eye chakras are active to a certain degree and you have incipient level of their corresponding psychic faculties, you can actually see non-physical shapes at the last part of the ritual.

If I do LBPR right before going to sleep, I still do Belilin and the circle of protection afterwards.

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