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A Fly That Knows the Way Out

Last week I was skimming through a book on astral projection, trying to find some useful insights. At around the beginning of the book there was one interesting quote/message, which the author apparently received from his inner voice:

“A fly wonders back and forth through the air,
then lands on the windowpane.
It launces itself, flies for two feet, then lands on
the glass again.
It continues to walk around, on the glass, never
finding the exit.
It doesn’t know that there is an opening in the
window just a few feet away.
You and I can see the opening because we have
the bigger picture.
If only the fly would unlimit itself, get the bigger
and allow itself the freedom and perspective to fly
it could rise above it all and be free.
Instead, it is content to wander aimlessly.
Now I tell you: You are that fly. You know the
way out.
But you choose to ignore it.”
~ Inner Voice

The author of this probably didn’t have any deeper work in mind, but it can be applied here as well. I guess many people who do the Work on oneself could relate to that. It is easy to lessen efforts after a while, especially when we can’t see any progress happening. We then become like that fly on the windowpane who knows the exit out, yet decides to stick around. It’s easy to forget why we are doing the Work  in the first place, to forget about the goals. Movement of life can do that to us, making us identify with all the motions, all the ups and downs. The emotions of pleasure attach themselves to trivial things and keep us in the state of forgetfulness and sleep. And if they (and all the other egos) do that for long enough, the life passes by without us doing any significant progress towards the main goal – attaining freedom.

Author: Dario

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