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The Smoky God: Journey to the Inner World (Book Review)

I’ve read The Smoky God book a couple of years ago and it definitely left me with an interesting impression. I love reading adventure books, especially when it has incorporated some metaphysical experiences that actually have a basis in reality. This one definitely seems like a genuine experience of Norwegian sailor Ola Jenses and his father.

The author of this book, Wills George Emerson, claims that Ola Jensen has narrated the story to him while on his deathbed. Ola apparently went through horrendous sufferings due to mentioning this experience in his youth, with a consequence of being mentally institutionalized for nearly three decades. Because of this he decided to keep quiet about it until the last moments of his life. It was then when he entrusted the story to Emerson.

The story is narrated from perspective of Ola Jensen, who was at the time very young man living in a fisherman village on the coast of Norway, learning from his father about the skills of sailing the seas. One day his father invited him to a long journey to the North pole, and beyond to the land for which traditions say that it’s inhabited by the „Chosen“. Ola agreed to go with him.

Even now I can see the expression of pleasurable surprise on his countenance as he turned toward me and asked: “My son, are you willing to go with me and explore — to go far beyond where man has ever ventured?” I answered affirmatively. “Very well,” he replied. “May the god Odin protect us!” and, quickly adjusting the sails, he glanced at our compass, turned the prow in due northerly direction through an open channel, and our voyage had begun. ~ from the book

After days of preparing, they’ve finally set off on adventure that would have profound impact on both of them.

The book is a great traveloque recording important details of their trip, from the moment they’ve set off to the return. The most important part of the book is their entrance and experience of the Inner Earth, in esoteric literature also known as Agartha. There they’ve met a spiritually advance race of giants, who taught them various things about their way of life, spirituality, technology and many other things. They stayed with them for several years.

According to some spiritual explorers, Agartha is actually located in the forth dimension. It is possible that Ola Jensen and his father have actually gone through a portal of a sort, or a crack between dimensions, which would explain the sudden transition from the freezing cold of the North pole to a beautiful semi-tropical region of green hills and flowing rivers. This is reminiscent of Lobsang Rampa’s story and the passage of his party from the cold snowy Himalayan mountains to a warm and lushy mountain top, where they’ve seen an extraterrestrial station.

According to many accounts, one does not actually have to be out of the body in order to experience other dimension. Although more rare than astral projection and lucid dreams experiences, there are still many accounts of peoples physical bodies being engulfed and pulled through those portal-like cracks. Bermuda triangle is a good example of that.

In conclusion, The Smoky God is definitely a worthvile read. It can serve as a good inspiration to metaphysically explore the Inner Earth, through means such as astral projection, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, and/or some other consciousness related potentials.

I sprang to my feet, and oh! joy unspeakable! There, far in the distance, yet directly in our path, were lands jutting boldly into the sea. The shore-line stretched far away to the right of us, as far as the eye could see, and all along the sandy beach were waves breaking into choppy foam, receding, then going forward again, ever chanting in monotonous thunder tones the song of the deep. The banks were covered with trees and vegetation. I cannot express my feeling of exultation at this discovery. My father stood motionless, with his hand on the tiller, looking straight ahead, pouring out his heart in thankful prayer and thanksgiving to the gods Odin and Thor. – from the book

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