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Memories of Reincarnation, by Grace Cooke

Memories of Reincarnation is an updated version of the book The Illumined Ones, written by Grace Cooke. In it the author describes in detail parts from two of her lifetimes, many thousands of years ago – one in South America and another in Egypt.

The author claims that the information contained in the book originate from her ability to “tune-in to a super-normal consciousness and steady thinking back into the past. It was an arduous creative effort, not of which is called imagination but of memory, to recover a past that is imperishable in the soul.” She also claims that at one point in her life she got in contact with some higher beings from a higher dimension, who have collectively introduced themselves to her as White Eagle. Since then they used her as a channel to pass on messages to humanity. Personally I’m very sceptical with the approach of letting another soul to take control of your body, for obvious reasons. At one point in the book she says that one of those teachers is someone she was very close to during the two lives she describes in this book.

In the first part of the book the author describes her life as a young Indian princess Minesta, in a beautiful semi-tropical valley of South America, being a daughter of an Indian chief of a Mayan race, at least some 10 000 years ago. They had an advanced spiritual understanding of life and were in harmony with themselves and nature. Minesta’s father, Hah-Wah-Tah, was particularly of above average spiritual development, which is why he was in charge of their culture in the first place. In the second chapter she describes their closeness, and relates an interesting story of their going to a forest where they would spend time and talk. They were both sensitive to higher perception and could see into a higher dimension. In one of such instance they both saw an elemental spirit and her father gave her an interesting teaching about them and their evolution.

At the end of the first part of the book the author describes her journey to the top of a mountain, to a temple where some higher beings dwelt and influenced the world in a good way. She got there after a while of being initiated into the mysteries of their spirituality.

The second part of the book is about her life in ancient Egypt. Her name was Ra-Min-Ati, and she was a priestess of the temple of Ra. She again goes into fine detail to describe both her life and activities, as well as how life was during that time in history.

I personally found this book interesting and enjoyable to read. It’s not a book with deep esoteric teachings, but I got some interesting and insightful things out of it. I particularly liked a detailed description of those two ancient cultures (Mayan and Egyptian) and their way of life, as well as spiritual activities of main characters. The new age thought seems to have had an influence on some things the author wrote, which in my opinion covers some segments with the layer of subjectivity. Overall though it was a good book to read.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review, I’m on the look out for new esoteric centered books to read and it sounds like a good one. It reminded me of a book I’ve read recently which is esoteric themed and found personally quite interesting and also deals with author past lives, its called “The Way of the Essences: Christ’s Hidden life remembered”. At first I was a bit sceptical with anything having Christ and Essences in one title, but reviews seemed good and was worth the buy in the end even just for some of its inspiring material, and like your book, what I found most insightful was how someone might of lived in such times with a day-to-day spiritual focus. In case you’re interested, I’ll provide a link below! Cheers


  2. Thanks Mike for the recommendation. Will check out that book.

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