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Guard Your Interests

I’ve been reflecting recently on the power of society to condition people in regards to what to do with their life. When you are still a kid or young adult, there seems to be a space of tolerance from others regarding your interest and how you spend your time. However, once you reach a certain age, like 30, a whole new set of expectancy is set upon you. You are expected to start your own family, buy a house, have a stable job, and to align your interests with those of majority. If these criterias are not fulfilled, you are likely to be looked down upon. Even if you’re in a happy relationship and have interests align to society, but without kids, or you are a single parent, you would likely stand out. Of course, the intensity of such and similar standards varies from country to country, but generally this is a world-wide standard.

Most of people in their free time just watch tv, do some family chores, maybe play some sport, go to bars, and that sort of things. I do not mind that someone has a life of mediocrity, but I do mind when this kind of living is considered preferable and is subtly (and sometimes bluntly) pushed onto others. Those with inquisitive nature, with an interest in knowledge, do not fit very well in all of this. This standard, largely established by media and society, is atrophying peoples spiritual senses and true intelligence, making us more and more dumb.

In not so far away past (like in the 18th and 19th century) being thirsty for knowledge was seen as a good thing. Yes, today also exist different classes of people, like intellectuals, which are looked highly upon or with contempt by mediocre people, but I’m not referring to them here, but to those really interested in knowledge.

Those with an interest in occult and spiritual transformation must stay silent about it if they want to function well amidst today’s society. It’s a real tragedy that that which matters so much is much hated and must remain hidden. It’s important to stay firm and not allow others to influence us regarding our interests. When we are in situations where there is pressure put on us, it can be difficult to handle our own emotions of fear, doubt and uncertainty, but how could we compromise the truth, the reality, the blissful inner states of divinity, that which matters the most, for a passing cycle of pain and pleasure brought by alignment with mediocrity?

HDP, November 2013.

Author: Dario

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