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What is the meaning of “Esoteric”?

I often come across some texts on internet where the words “esoteric” and “esotericism” is equated with something negative, especially with black magic and even Satanism. In reality, the word “esoteric” means deeper knowledge and wisdom. This is usually acquired by having direct experience of something not easily accessible, or rather beyond the five senses. It often refers to inner knowledge (or self-knowledge), which is the knowledge of ones own thoughts, emotions, and going all the way to the very core of who we are – the consciousness.

The word “esoteric” also refers to external knowledge, such as the knowledge of who you are, why you are here on this planet, where you were before you were born, where will you go when you die, and so on. Such esoteric knowledge can be acquired by direct experience, often beyond the limits of the five physical senses, which is through the mean of out of body travel.

So the word “esoteric” shouldn’t be used in a negative way. People shouldn’t be fear-mongered by using this word and attaching bad images to it. Esoteric means inner knowledge, the knowledge of self, the knowledge of inner and outer reality. And in essence there is nothing wrong with having knowledge. On the contrary, knowledge can only help the soul on it’s journey to awakening.

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