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Eyes Tell the Story of a Lifetime

Last week I was doing some errands in the capital of my country. I’ve spend a lot of time driving in the public transport, particularly trams. One cloudy afternoon, while driving in one, a thought came to me of looking into people’s eyes so to try and read their stories.

I did just that, and was very surprised by what I experienced. Each person’s eyes were relating their story. I could see so much more than a present mood pople. If focusing strong enough and with clear intention, I could go deep into people’s past. It seemed that through their eyes I could literally see into their soul, which is shaped by totality of experiences, and this totality is reflected in their eyes. It made me wonder what more could I have seen and in how finer details, have I had the opportunity to look at them for longer period of time. Naturally, I could not do that for as long because people notice when someone is staring at them.

In many people’s eyes I could see pain and suffering. Even the eyes that look happy on several higher levels, underneath I could also see suffering. It’s then a natural occurrence to feel more for people, because we are all in this school of life together. This makes me think of the ways on how to help people to suffer less. It’s true that intense suffering over a long period of time eventually makes the soul ready to search for the Highest, but this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t be helped.

Author: Dario

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