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Pride and Vanity – Obstacles to Spiritual Progress

Some days ago I’ve read one very useful and important teaching on pride and vanity, in the book Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor. The pride and vanity truly are one of the biggest obstacles to any real spiritual progress. It’s so easy to assume that we already know something, which then stops us from exploring the teaching (or a technique for spiritual development) deeper.

Pride also makes a person stuck on a spiritual level they achieved, making them feel good about themselves and establishing illusion of success in their mind, which in turn creates a new comfort zone, and a person gets stuck.

There is a lot to overcome on our way to true peace and freedom, and pride and vanity are huge part of that. Here comes the abovementioned teaching:

“The aggregate or psychic aggregate of vanity impedes the correct relationship with the superior parts of the Being.

Vanity is a relative of pride.

Vanity is a charlatan. Pride is silent.

Someone will speak about certain things because of vanity, yet, will keep silent about them because of pride.

By dint of pride, any wealthy person could have in his residence an antique car, possibly from the last century. However, because of vanity, this person would prefer to drive a car of the latest model.

Hurt vanity causes frightful suffering. However, hurt pride can cause death.

When vanity and pride are united, they can perform monstrosities. “

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  1. Some very insightful points you made here. Thank you 🙂

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