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Extraterrestrials – (Why) Are They Here? (Part 1)

These days it’s no longer a question whether extraterrestrials exist or not, but whether they are visiting Earth, for how long, and what is their mission.

Until “recently” it was believed that planets orbiting stars/suns is a rarity. Even in that case it was said that there is a minimum of 20 000 civilizations across the Universe. This number was based on mathematical calculations of probability and taking into account that there are approximately 100 billion galaxies in the known Universe.

However, the new discovery about planets orbiting stars being rule rather than exception provide us with a logical conclusion that our Universe is filled with life-forms. If we also take into account the multidimensionality of our Universe, there are chances we would encounter developed civilizations even on the planets of our own solar system (which, according to some of out of body explorers, is apparently so).

Around 2008 I had an unusual experience while returning back from an astronomical observatory. While crossing one very light-polluted area of a city I felt a pull to look upwards. After looking up I saw a glowing spherical object very high above that moved fast and it was leaving multi-color traces. It disappeared after a few seconds. I analyzed the experience, thinking if it was some natural phenomena, but nothing of that sort fit to what I saw.

There are documentaries out there with indisputable evidences of extraterrestrials visiting Earth at least since 1950’s, while chances are they have been doing it for thousands of years. Some of such documentaries are “Disclosure Project” and “4 Hour Witness”. Both of them are made by organization called “Disclosure project”, led by dr. Steven Greer. He got testimonies and evidences regarding the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomena from hundreds of military and government officials.

Both of that documentaries entail such officials coming forward and testifying what they actually know and have witnessed first hand, many even having physical evidences such as documents, radar recordings, video tapes, etc.

First of such huge coming forward was in 2001 in the “National Club Press Conference”. Soon afterwards, a compilation of dozens of testimonies is put together in “4 Hour Witness” DVD. However, despite of so many people from CIA, US military, various government officials around the world including ex-prime minister of Canada, ex-minister of defence of Canada, US and Russian astronauts, ex-minister of defence of UK, ex-NASA employee, and many others, this topic is still held as taboo and is being refuted.

Good news is that many governments around the world have decided to come forward and publish their documents on the matter, but for some reason the official disclosure will happen only when US government steps forward.

It’s ironic that majority of people still blindly believe in their government, despite of acknowledging all the negativity, lies and deceptions that are stemming from it.

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