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A House for the Naked

A House for the Naked

It’s late and it’s raining, my friends, let’s go home.

Let’s leave this ruin we’ve haunted like owls.

Even though the blind ones beckon us, let’s go home.

All the reasons offered by the sensible, dull and sorrowful

can’t darken our hearts now;

nor can all this phantom love play,

this imaginary paradise hold us back.

Some see the grain but not the harvest.

Don’t ask too many “hows” and “whys”.

Let beasts graze.

Come home to the real celebration and music.

Shams has build a house for the naked and the pure.

– Rumi

What hold us back from becoming naked and pure, and how many lifetimes are we already here in this physcial school of life, postponing the retun to where we really belong? To become pure  like “little children”, we must become naked of the layers of dirt that clothe us (of lust, pride, anger, fear etc.) – the mud that is chaining our souls.

We need to smash those chains so that we can attain Love within ourselves and discover the Truth.

When will we soar?

Author: Dario

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