Esoteric Journey Course

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  • STARTMay 8th - 9:00pm

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Esoteric Journey Course

The Esoteric Journey and Building the Force Within is a Gnostic course that is structured to support all sincere aspirants who have completed the Spiritual Ascension course and want to continue further in their Gnostic studies.

On this course the emphasis is on exploration of various esoteric themes and trying to get a deep understanding and knowledge of those by applying the various techniques as taught in Gnosis.

Another important part of this course is to create the inner momentum through building up of spiritual force within, by applying various practices. These practices have been tested and tried. Some of them have basis in esoteric traditions of the world, while other have emerged as the result of many years of experience of the inner work. What is common in all of these practices is that they can lift us up, create momentum and strength, and help us move along the path to liberation.

In this course you will also learn how to use various energies of nature that surround you for your spiritual awakening, and how to investigate the esoteric matters in a more profound way.

Here are some of the key points for this course:

  • Going deeper with the subjects that were studied in the Spiritual Ascension course
  • Creating the inner force through practices
  • Reflection on esoteric topics
  • Experiencing higher states on a regular basis
  • Going deeper with sitdown practices such as meditation, astral projection, and transmutation
  • Learning how to use the energies of nature for our own awakening
  • Building steady relationship with divinity within and without
  • Support for the inner work and the path

As one of the key purposes of this course is to support the aspirants on the spiritual path, there is no fixed duration of this course. The only requirement to stay on the course for indefinite time is active participation in it and a genuine interest to advance on the path.

If you have completed the Spiritual Ascension course, feel free to sign up for this one.

The course is free of charge.


May 8, 2023
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Ascending Path