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Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming

Experiences out of the body, regardless if they happen via the route of astral projection or through lucid dreaming, have been happening to people for thousands of years. We all leave our bodies every night when we sleep and we return back with experiences that we call “dreams”. However, it is possible to be conscious of the process of leaving our bodies, and to start having conscious out of body experiences. By doing this, we use our potential to explore higher realms of our Universe. In this way we can explore the 4th and the 5th dimension, also known as the Etheric, the Astral, and the Mental planes of existence.

In the “Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming” we will cover topics such as:

– how to have lucid dreams and conscious astral projection
– about exploring the higher realms
– how to have prolonged and more objective experiences out of the body
– correlation between spiritual work, consciousness, and astral/dream exploration
– about dreams and how to interpret them

The next workshop will take place as an online classroom, on Sunday June 27th.

Once you register you will be given the link to the place where the workshop will take place. Timezone Schedule is as follows:

Europe/Africa  –  7.00 PM  London Time
Asia/Australia  –  7.00 PM  Singapore Time 
Americas  –           4.00 PM  New York Time 

Participation is free of charge