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‘The Work’ is a term used by many mystery, esoteric, and psychological schools to refer to a spiritual work that is taking place within an individual who consciously decides to embark on the path of self-discovery and inner self-realization of the Being.

In essence, the work is psychological, mystical and esoteric, leading to profound changes in ones own interior, such as expansion and transformation of consciousness, purification of negative inner states (such as anger, fear, lust, pride, depression, impatience etc. ,that in Gnostic terminology are called ‘egos’), activation of higher senses (for example clairvoyance and telepathy), crystalization of higher spiritual bodies, and finally the incarnation of the Being (ones own Higher Self) –  so to become complete and to feel permanent peace and happiness.

The Work serves a purpose of perfecting an individual and transforming him into a higher form of being, enabling him to access knowledge of himself, the Universe, the mysteries of life and death, the Creation, and that which is beyond the created Universe.

Many sages, prophets, gurus, and spiritual teachers have walked upon this path and have given testimonies of the transformative effects of such Work in various sacred texts. Many of these texts over time turned into organized religion and their message got distorted, changed, corrupted, leaving the essence of the Work lost to interpretations. Nevertheless, a lot of its message is still preserved in some ancient Christians and Chinese scriptures, some ancient Egyptian, Mayan, and Vedic texts, as well as in some Buddhist texts.
This esoteric literature was the basis for emergance of many mystery schools over the ages that had as an objective the ‘accomplishment of the philosopher stone’, or in other words the completion of the purpose of human life.

It was Samael Aun Weor, who was known as the master of synthesis (because he synthesized many of the ancient religions), who made the Work accesible to public in the form of a ‘guiding map’.

I have been asked by people over the years to recommend them a place where they can learn the techniques for self-realization. I am happy to announce now that since this year I am organizing courses and workshops (all free of charge) with the goal of helping people to ascend spiritually. The main format of that help would be in the Spiritual Ascension course

However if you are looking for a vehicle/organization that you could join, I would recommend an esoteric school called Gnostic Society Tradition and Revelation.

Even though I am not an instructor there, I can recommend you this school because it provides with what is necessary for spiritual awakening. At its core it has the teachings of Samael Aun Weor, and its cordinator Rafael Vargas has substantial spiritual level, which in my opinion is very important to have for someone who is guiding a Gnostic organization. Otherwise a lot is based on belief and dogma, which sadly has become the norm in esoteric circles, including many of the Gnostic ones that follow the teachings of Samael Aun Weor. However, the Gnostic Society is practical and a lot of emphasis is put on direct experience.